Coaching Packages

If you’re coming here from my home page, you already know the gist of what I have to offer, and probably want to know a few more details. If you haven’t read my home page please click this link first and then come back here.


Here’s a summary of the coaching and workout packages I offer.

100% Custom: This is my all-inclusive, most personalized program. It includes:

  • 1 hour initial session (to find out your needs, goals, and abilities)
  • A customized, printable 30 day workout program designed specifically for you
  • Unlimited, FREE support via Facebook messenger and/or email
  • Optional nutrition plan
  • $100 for the whole package, free support continues after 30 day program ends


Workout Program Only: These are some of the workout programs you can purchase to download for only $20 each. That price is really a steal considering the hours I spent in trial and error and research to put them together.


Tabata Burn – This program is ideal for weight loss, metabolism a boost, or just giving you a huge fitness jumpstart. Each workout is less than 25 minutes long, but don’t let that fool you. You’ll feel the burn within 5 minutes if you put the effort in. But the best part? Your metabolism will keep that burn going for hours after you work out so you will keep burning fat and building lean muscle even while you are at rest. Plus it’s fun and the farthest thing from boring.

HIIT Pilates – This version of Pilates is fun, low impact, and incredibly effective. In case you don’t know, Pilates is basically the queen of all core workouts, and also is a great way to shape your body (looking to “tone” your butt and thighs, girls?). It requires zero equipment, and is the perfect option for anyone with arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint issues, or who is just looking for a fantastic low impact workout.

Aerial Condition – This is the program I’m personally using right now to prepare myself to try aerial silk classes in January 2018. It’s also a great option for any of my fellow apartment dwelling fitness crazies looking for a fun new intense workout program to try that will give them the body of a gymnast. It combines calisthenics, pilates, and suspension training for developing total body strength, control, grace, and flexibility.

Core Intensive – The workouts in this program are all 15 minutes or less, and they specifically torch your abs, obliques, and lower back in all the right ways to create the perfect shredded and bulletproof core. Prepare to burn and be completely impressed with your progress at the end of 30 days.

Triple B – Barre, Bell, and Body. Those are the three B’s incorporated in this program. Each workout is a combination of calisthenics, weight lifting, and barre (ballet inspired) exercises to create both functional and aesthetic strength in your body. This is a great program for anyone looking to improve functional strength, build lean muscle (a.k.a. curves and good looking body shape), increase bone density, and torch fat. This is personally my favorite all-in-one total body fitness program to bring anyone of any fitness level to their goals.


Email me (, comment below, or message me on Facebook with any questions or interest!