[Note: As of 5/25/17 I am running a special offer, please see the end for details.]

What is a health coach? 

Health coaching is a relatively new field of healthcare, and one I’m really excited to be part of. When I tell people I’m a coach, a lot of them have no idea what that means. Basically, I specialize in getting you from where you are with your health and fitness, to where you want to be.

But I’m more than a personal trainer or military drill sergeant. I’m your personal cheerleader, support, and accountability partner. I have a very holistic approach, which means I will address and help you change many aspects of your lifestyle at once to support your one main goal. Lacking motivation? Not sure where to start on your fitness journey? Feeling discouraged because you’ve failed so many times? Whatever your personal goals and struggles, I can help you remove your stumbling blocks and get on the right track immediately. And the best part is that I will do everything within my power to make sure you reach your goal. A lot of people start strong on a program, only to quit a short while later because they can’t discipline or motivate themselves enough to keep going. Hiring me as your coach virtually guarantees that won’t happen for you, if you are willing to stick with me.

Everyone is different and will have their own unique experience, but here are some of the things you’ll get through my coaching program:

  • A personal, caring approach. I decided to become a coach because I genuinely care about people and helping them live life to the fullest. I’m not just in it for the money or the business, I’m a coach because I want to see you succeed. It’s as simple as that.
  • In-depth coaching sessions to help you figure out exactly what you want and how to get there. In our sessions together, I will help you clarify your goals and address your struggles and weaknesses, all while building up your strengths. There is really no limit to the changes we can make together.
  • Lots of encouragement and motivation along the way. I’d say the number one reason people don’t stick to a health or fitness program is lack of motivation. What if you had your own personal cheerleader holding you accountable and encouraging you to keep keeping on when the going gets tough? What if you had the option to change your workout program whenever you get bored, without compromising your results? You can’t go wrong with health coaching unless you quit. Seriously.
  • Personalized and customized workouts that are tailored specifically to meet your needs and personality. Contrary to popular belief, working out does not have to mean spending hours on boring machines. There are so many fun options these days – I will make it my personal mission to help you discover the right types and combinations of exercises for you.
  • Variety. If there’s one thing I emphasize the most to my clients, it’s the need for variety in your routine. In order to make continuous progress, you have to keep your body guessing, which means switching up your workout routines from time to time. This makes it very difficult to get bored with my workout programs, because they are constantly changing.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. If at any point you are not happy with my coaching or workout plans, you can back out any time, or ask for a new program. As your coach, my main goal is to help you, help yourself. That means that to an extent, you call the shots. I’m here to cheer you on and guide you, but not more than you want me to.


I’ve decided not to advertise a set rate because every client will have different needs. I will work with each individual to figure out a reasonable price. Please keep in mind that coaching involves more than just my 30-60 minute sessions with you. I do a LOT of work behind the scenes to that to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

However, as of 5/25/17, I’m running a special offer for 3 women. I’ve finished most of my academic training, and my goal is to be certified as a life coach and personal trainer by the end of summer – I’m thinking August or September. If you are considering hiring me as your coach, please let me know as soon as possible. I’m going to use the income I receive from my first 3 clients to pay for the certification exams. I’m not exactly rich so if I’m not making extra money beyond my regular job, getting certified won’t be an option. The coaching exam is $160, and the personal training exam is $99. If I can find 3 women who want to be coached over the next 2-3 months, that should cover my expenses. I’m offering a reduced rate to the first 3 women who sign up, and I already have one client, so like I said please let me know asap if you are interested 🙂 Not that I’m begging for money by the way, a woman who signs up for 2-3 months of coaching will be able to see a huge difference in her health and wellness by the end of that time. I promise it’s worth it.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please Contact Me!

Much love,

Elizabeth Fredrickson