Workout Playlist

I don’t know about you, but for me, music has a huge impact on the quality of my workout. It’s motivating, and a lot more fun to listen to than my panting and pounding heart. Here are 20 of my favorite Christian songs to work out to (in no specific order):


  1. “Move (Keep Walkin’)” – TobyMac
  2. “Goin Down” – Group 1 Crew
  3. “Stronger” – Mandisa
  4. “Our Time Is Now” – Colton Dixon
  5. “Ignition” – TobyMac
  6. “Movin'” – Group 1 Crew
  7. “Amazing Life” – Britt Nicole
  8. “Dangerous” – Group 1 Crew
  9. “Get Back Up” – TobyMac
  10. “Press On” – Mandisa
  11. “Ready Set Go” – Royal Tailor
  12. “I Feel So Alive” – Capital Kings
  13. “Ready or Not” – Britt Nicole
  14. “Holiday (Remix)” – Britt Nicole
  15. “Bulletproof” – Citizen Way
  16. “Born to Love” – Capital Kings
  17. “Make a Move” – Royal Tailor
  18. “Til the Day I Die” – TobyMac
  19. “Evidence” – Citizen Way
  20. “Eye On It” – TobyMac


What is your favorite song to work out to? Let me know in the comments!





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