Top 3 Relaxing Music YouTube Channels

In another blog post I talked about my favorite workout channels on YouTube for women, now I’m going to share with you my favorite relaxing music channels. Music is one of my favorite ways to relax and focus my thoughts. I listen to music on these channels when I’m stressed out, when I need to concentrate, or just to have some background noise while I get work done. I’m actually listening to music on one of them (Relaxdaily) right now 🙂


  • Relaxdaily –  Beautiful, uplifting, peaceful melodies and stunning videos of nature make Relaxdaily my #1 pick for favorite YT music channels. It really doesn’t get any better than this. The music is created by Michael, a Cologne based music creator. Check out this sample of Michael’s music to see for yourself how truly remarkable his work is:



  •  Meditation Relax Music – I like this channel in particular because a lot of their music includes calming sounds of nature (such as gentle ocean waves) and binaural beats (audio frequencies that help calm your mind). The nature sounds and binaural beats combined with amazing music makes for perfect atmosphere to help you relax or sleep. This particular track is one of my favorites:



  • YellowBrickCinema – This channel has some of the loveliest, simple, relaxing melodies from all different instruments, including guitar, piano, flute, and more. The variety allows you to choose different sounds depending on your mood and what sort of sound you prefer. This channel also includes music with and without binaural beats and nature sounds.



What kind of music do you listen to when you need to relax? I’d love to hear your thoughts – comment below!



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