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4 Inspirational Female Athletes

No matter what your passion is – whether it’s a sport, a hobby, or something else – we all have role models. We are designed to naturally seek out people we can look up to and try to be like. Fitness is no different. Here are 4 women that I personally think are inspiring.


Camille Leblanc Bazinet – There are a lot of Crossfit women I look up to for their zeal and hard work, but Camille is probably the one I am inspired by the most. I love her kind, humble attitude, and I’m motivated by her hard work and her passion for fitness. When Camille was little, her mom put her in gymnastics because she had such high levels of energy. Unfortunately, Camille ended up ripping her hips, and decided it wasn’t her time to shine in gymnastics. She still had a lot of competitive energy though, so she tried the sport of rugby. She had to quit that as well because her height (she’s only 5’2) put her at a disadvantage. It was while she was playing rugby that she was introduced to Crossfit. Some of the conditioning she did was modeled after Crossfit workouts, although she didn’t know it at the time. At one point one of the guys challenged her to try a workout at his CF box. She took him up on the challenge, sure that she was already in good shape and Crossfit couldn’t be that much harder. It turned out to be a great challenge, which is something Camille thrives on. She was hooked from that point on, and went on to win the 2014 Crossfit Games for the title of Fittest Woman on Earth.




Holly Holm – Holly is by far my favorite female UFC fighter because of her humble attitude, and her ability to handle defeat. This was especially evident when she beat Ronda Rousey, but I’m inspired by her because I see those character traits shine through no matter what she’s doing. She is also incredibly fit and works hard, which is also motivating, but it’s her attitude that inspires me the most.




Jessie Graff – This woman is insanely talented. She is a stuntwoman, meaning she does the crazy athletic stuff you see in action movies. Not only does she do stunts and gymnastics, she is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a black sash in Kung Fu, and has been trained in 5 other martial arts. I love how she is dedicated to a wide variety of fit disciplines, not just one thing. That takes skill and a lot of mental and physical agility. She is also the first woman to complete stage one of the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course (you can watch her performance here).




Gabby Douglas – If you’ve watched any of the recent gymnastics Olympics (in London and Rio) you are probably already no stranger to the name Gabby Douglas. She is so much fun to watch because of her energy, passion, hard working attitude, and of course her contagious smile. Athletes are so much more fun when they love what they do. Gabby is no exception; when she is enjoying a routine, it’s obvious, and her energy never fails to make me smile. There are many other female gymnasts I could name, such as Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, etc., but Gabby is definitely one of my favorites to watch and be inspired by.




Who inspires you? Let me know in the comments!






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