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Upper Body Burnout

It’s Friday, which means a rest day is right around the corner! Did you know that it isn’t working out that makes your muscles grow, but rather resting after a workout? When you work hard, it causes microscopic tears in your muscles. When you rest, those tears heal and come back stronger. That’s why it is so important to take at least 1 full day of rest per week. I like to push myself with an extra challenging workout right before the weekend. Here is this week’s upper body challenge:


2013 Open workout descriptions with Julie Foucher


Advanced Athletes:

5×10 Handstand Pushups

5×5 Push Press

5×5 Pullups

5×20 Rows

5×15 Pushups

5×10 Chest Press


Intermediate Athletes:

5×10 Decline Pushups

5×5 Shoulder Press (dumbbells)

5×5 Kipping Pullups

5×20 Rows

5×15 Incline Pushups

5×10 Chest Press


Beginner Athletes:

5×10 Pushups

5×5 Shoulder Press

5×5 Jumping Pullups

5×20 Rows

5×15 Knee Pushups

5×10 Chest Press


For exercises like the shoulder press, rows, and chest press, use less weight to make it easier.




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