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Fall Detox

Summer is officially over. I hope you had a lot of fun times and made some great memories. I’m guessing that some of those fun times involved eating junk food… am I right? No worries. I’m not going to guilt trip you over it. I have nothing against eating junk food once in awhile, as long as your diet is healthy the majority of the time. Even if you did go a little overboard in the unhealthy food department (don’t we all sometimes?), I have great news for you. Now is a great time to eliminate the toxins that have likely built up in your body, and regain your health and vibrancy. Here are 3 easy ways you can detox this Fall.


Eat clean. – This is the single best way to detoxify your entire body. If you make eating clean a habit (less processed food, more fruits and veggies), your body will work to eliminate built up toxins from the inside out. Over time, you will have less illness, clearer skin, and healthier hair and nails. Eating healthy on a regular basis also boosts your immune system, and gives all your bodies systems (digestive, nervous, hormonal, etc.) the tools they need to function well.




Drink a lot of water. – Seriously. By drinking water throughout the day, you are helping your body to flush out toxins, while keeping you hydrated and helping your digestive system to work optimally. You can even add some Apple Cider Vinegar or Raw Lemon Juice to the water to further draw out toxins, while eliminating and preventing infections.




Sweat it out. – One awesome benefit of exercise is working up a sweat. Our skin is designed to be a sort of filter, protecting our bodies from harmful substances. There are several effective ways to eliminate toxins through the pores of our skin, and sweating is one of the best ways to do just that. Make it your goal to work up a sweat each day, even if it’s just for 15 or 20 minutes. Another great way to detoxify through your skin is to take a detox bath with Apple Cider Vinegar or Epsom Salts. The warm bath along with these natural substances will help to draw out toxins, while also relieving stress and soothing sore muscles.




Those are just a few ways you can help your body detoxify on your own. Consult with your doctor or nutritionist to find more ways you can regain health and vitality this Fall.



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