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5 Best Places to Find Free Workouts Online

Personal training and gym memberships can be great options for some people, but what about those of us who like to plan our own workouts or exercise in our home gyms? I know that for myself, planning my workout myself is a huge motivator in itself because I love to research new exercises and learn about their benefits. I especially love it when I can find a new challenge to master, like FitnessBlender’s 22 minute “Hiit Like a Girl” workout. Here are 5 websites I refer to on a regular basis to plan my workouts.


12 Minute Athlete – From the website: “12 Minute Athlete is a high intensity interval
training (HIIT) workout regimen consisting of incredibly short, effective workouts based on calisthenics, cross-training and functional fitness.”  Functional exercises are great because they transfer over into real life. For example, the squat is a functional exercise because you do the squatting motion every day when you stand up from sitting or squat down to pick something up. All of the exercises used in 12 Minute Athlete’s workouts carry over to every day life in a similar way. You won’t just love the aesthetic benefits, but also how your fitness for everyday tasks improves. I especially love using the workouts on this site when I travel, since the they require minimal equipment, and a lot of them can be done in a hotel room without creating a lot of noise that might disturb neighbors. The workouts are short, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are easy. You will be ready to lay on the floor and pass out by the end. Your muscles will thank you later 😉




FitnessBlender – This website is basically everything you could ever want when searching for workouts online. They have an awesome search feature where you can narrow results by equipment, ability level, type of workout (strength, interval training, yoga, pilates, etc.), and much more. You have the option to either follow along with Kelli and Daniel (the hosts) for a full length video, or print out the workout. I really love working along with the videos because Kelli and Daniel are good about talking you through the proper form for each exercise, not to mention the fact that they are just really fun, down-to-earth people. They get out of breath, red-faced, and sweaty just like you and I 🙂




BeFit – BeFit is a great workout channel on YouTube where you can find a huge variety of workouts by different trainers such as Cassey Ho (blogilates), Mary Helen Bowers (Ballet Beautiful), and Jillian Michaels. Whatever your favorite style of workout is, you will find plenty of effective workouts on this channel.




Bodybuilding – I think you will love this health and fitness website as much as I do. You will find plenty of motivation, workouts, supplements, and informative articles to suit your fitness needs. Each workout featured on this site has a video to go along with it where the trainer explains how to get the most out of each exercise.




Wodstar Daily – I’m super excited to tell all my fellow CrossFitters about this option. Similar to the CrossFit mainsite, this is a website where they post a new WOD every day. But what I love most about this particular WOD-site is that each of the workouts combine a strength workout with a metcon style WOD. Something I’ve found with other, similar websites is that they don’t always include the strength specific aspect in their workouts. You will also find detailed videos that describe how to do each CrossFit movement with good technique. It is simply a very well rounded workout regimen.




So there you have it: 5 amazing websites you can visit to find your next workout. Where do you go to plan your workouts? Let me know in the comments!


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