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My Life and Times as of Late

It’s been awhile since I gave you a more personal look into my life (i.e. the blogger behind the blog). Since we’re getting close to the end of 2016 (I can’t believe it’s already October 31st!), I figured this is a good time to let you in on what’s been going on with me. I also wanted to apologize because I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I’d like to. I promise this is only a temporary problem – I’ll be back to posting 3+ times per week as soon as possible. As you will see in the rest of this post, I’m in that awkward transition period from life as a teenager to becoming a more independent adult (I’ll be 20 in January), which means my schedule is kind of crazy. Who knew a person would have to make so many big decisions to be independent?  😉  Here’s an overview of some of the things I’ve been doing, as well as what my goals are for the near future. So hang on me hearties, I’ll keep blogging as often as I can as I develop a more set routine and get my adult feet under me.


Things I did this summer…

  • I was a bridesmaid.  This is a big deal for me because it forced me to confront some of my biggest fears. Weddings are pretty much all my phobias rolled into one. So I’m so glad I got to be part of my lovely friend’s wedding and push the boundaries of my comfort zone. It was such an honor to be part of her special day!
  • I got my driver’s license.  I know, isn’t 19 kind of late for getting your license? Not necessarily. I wasn’t mature enough to think clearly and drive when I was 16, so waiting until this year was in the best interests of everyone on the road 🙂
  • I started my own business.  I’ve had so much fun dreaming about and developing my health coaching business, and while I still have a long ways to go, I’m very pleased with my progress so far.
  • I have reached 50 blog followers (my original goal was 25 followers).  Blogging has been one of my favorite activities this year, and to be honest I didn’t really think I’d reach 50 followers so quickly. So I’m very grateful for you, my faithful readers. You guys inspire me to keep writing and improving myself. I hope my posts have been a blessing to you as well 🙂
  • I started playing piano for the worship service at my church again.  That might seem like a small feat to most of you, but it’s a huge improvement for me. I used to have very severe anxiety every time I would play for a service, to the point where I couldn’t sleep or eat and I would be nauseous and irritable for days (sometimes weeks) in advance. I still get somewhat nervous when I play, but I don’t dwell on it as much as I used to. I think one of the reasons I used to get so anxious was because of my pride. I couldn’t handle the idea of failing (the old “what if I make a mistake” phobia), and I assumed that everyone would be watching me and expecting perfection. Once I realized that it doesn’t really matter how well I play as long as I do my best, that really helped me shift my mindset so that I could just focus on playing well and enjoying myself, rather than imagining all the terrible things people might be thinking of me.
  • I have significantly improved myself in terms of my physical health and fitness. I’ve gained a lot of lean muscle (in a healthy way). My strength and endurance have improved so much in the last year! Every time I don’t feel motivated to work out I just remember how far I’ve come, and that helps me keep going.





Things I’m doing… (Some of these are what is keeping me from posting as regularly as I’d like)

  • I’m growing out my bangs. They were such a nuisance (especially when I get sweaty from working out) that I decided just to grow them out. So now I’m in that awful in between stage where I have to figure out how to pin them back so that they stay out of my way. It is going to be so worth it next year though when they are grown out completely!
  • I’m teaching piano lessons.  I love kids, I’m passionate about music, and I need a job, so I figured teaching piano lessons would be a great way to fulfill all three. I’m really looking forward to growing my teaching skills and working with my students. Hopefully it will provide enough of a steady income that I can earn a decent living from teaching.
  • I’m working on creating a reasonable budget for myself.  I have to figure out how much I need to earn per month to afford rent (I’m planning on moving into an apartment as soon as I can afford it), food, clothes, car insurance, phone bill, etc.. I guess math does come in handy sometimes 😉




Things I’m going to do within the next year…hopefully sooner than later…

  • I’m going to move into an apartment as soon as I can afford it. Once I have my own space and a steady flow of income I can really focus on developing my coaching business so that one day I can earn a living from that.
  • I’m going to start a health and fitness vlog on YouTube. One of my greatest inspirations for my own health and fitness journey has been finding workout videos and health and fitness tips on YouTube. I’m a visual person, so it’s really helpful for me to see someone demonstrate how to do certain exercises. I also love watching someone talk about how to live a healthy lifestyle (versus reading an article online). Since I’m at a place now where I am healthy and fit, I would love to help people through videos the same way I’ve been helped by other vloggers on YouTube.
  • I’m going to more actively develop my health coaching business by coaching clients, vlogging, blogging, writing ebooks, and more. I want to really establish my niche and develop a loyal client/follower base.


So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to. Hopefully if you’ve made it this far I haven’t bored you to death. What is something exciting/scary/different you did this summer? What are some of your short-term and long-term goals? I’d love to hear from you – this blog isn’t all about me 🙂


All my best,

Elizabeth Fredrickson





2 thoughts on “My Life and Times as of Late”

  1. Hi Elizabeth, It was sooo good hearing about you and seeing your picture. We have really lost contact, Not hearing from you, Steven, or Abby.

    We just got back from a trip, had a great time and great weather.

    Hope everyone is good, Good luck with your future, hope all your plans work for you!

    Love you! Grandma and Grandpa

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! I’m glad you enjoyed my post 🙂 You’re right that we have lost contact, I’ll try to make sure I email or write you more often. That’s great that you had a good trip, where did you go? Everyone here is good.
      Love you too!


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