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Lift Heavy, Ladies

Lifting weights is becoming more and more popular with women, which is amazing! People are finally starting to realize that strength training has amazing benefits for both men and women, and that being a fit woman does not mean looking like a super skinny Victoria’s Secret model. However, there are still a lot of women who are afraid of the weights area at the gym. And you know what, that’s understandable. Most women don’t want to have huge, bulky muscles or look like a man, so they stick with exercises they know won’t build too much muscle. If you are one of those who shies away from strength training (for whatever reason), I would like to share some things with you.




Weights DO NOT turn women into female Arnolds. We just don’t have the hormones necessary to build that much muscle. To get that big you would have to go on steroids and train for hours a day for years. Some women naturally build more muscle than others, but it is lean, feminine muscle. Have you ever been told that lifting light weights for lots of reps will “tone” your muscles? That’s not true. Lifting heavy weights for low reps is what defines and sculpts muscles. It also burns a ton of calories, not just during your workout but for hours afterwards. Strength training isn’t just for those who are trying to get strong, it’s a great way to lose weight too.




In addition to building functional strength, toning muscles, and burning fat, weight training also builds bone density, which is really important for us ladies, since we are prone to weak bones, especially as we age. In fact, weight training is one of the best ways to prevent osteoporosis.


But even beyond the physical benefits – strength training is a great way to boost self esteem and confidence. Knowing you are strong and capable of picking up and putting down a serious amount of weight is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Not for ego’s sake, but just because reaching your potential and being strong feels good. Period.


So ladies? Go lift. Lift heavy. And if you aren’t sure where to start, feel free to Contact Me and I would LOVE to help you find a plan that works for you  🙂


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