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Killer Stair Workout

A lot of people hate stairs. Why? Because they are difficult, especially if you are out of shape. Climbing a long flight of stairs (or several long flights of stairs) will get your heart rate up and make your legs burn like nothing else – which actually sounds like a good workout, right? Of course 😉

If you don’t have access to traditional workout equipment, but do have some stairs, make good use of them with this short, simple, but crazy effective stair workout!






Run up and walk down a flight of stairs for 1 minute.

30 Stair Lunges (alternating, front foot on the first step)

20 Stair Plank Taps (hands walk up one step, then back down)

10 Stair Pushups (hands on second or third step)


Walk up the stairs in a squatting position and run back down for 1 minute.

30 Stair Squats (side facing stairs, one foot on bottom stair, switch sides halfway through)

20 Side Plank Hip Raises (per side, feet stacked on first or second stair, forearm on floor)

10 Tricep Dips (hands on first or second stair)


Repeat the above 3-5 times for best results.


And there you have it! A simple workout that is guaranteed to torch fat and strengthen every muscle in your body, all just using a single flight of stairs.

Have you ever or do you ever plan to incorporate stairs into your workout routine? Think I’m crazy? Whatever your thoughts, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!



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