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Triple Threat – Day 8 (Conditioning)

Here we are again at my least favorite workout of the week – conditioning. Some of the exercises look pretty fun though, so that will help me push myself through it. It’s also a Tabata style workout, which is a lot less boring than traditional cardio workouts, which will help keep me focused. (If you aren’t familiar with Tabata, it’s a type of interval training, where you work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, for a total of 8 rounds, or 4 minutes).

The kettlebell windmills will be the most difficult exercise for me, since they are an exercise I only do rarely and it always takes me a little while to get the form down. I’m not familiar with 2 of the exercises and I’m sure some of you won’t be either, so I’ve included a link to a video demonstrating both of them. Just click on the name of the exercise!

This entire workout should only take 20 minutes, so I might do some extra mobility work and stretching afterwards. My hip flexors are pretty tight again and could use some extra attention. I want to also add in some kickboxing skillwork before the workout if I have time.






Do each exercise in a 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off format. 


Circuit 1: 4 rounds, rest 60 seconds between circuits.

Jump Rope (including double unders according to skill level)

Single Arm Kettlebell Clean & Jerk


Circuit 2: 4 rounds, rest 60 seconds between circuits.

Running Lunge

Kettlebell Windmill


Circuit 3: 4 rounds, rest 60 seconds between circuits.

Southpaw Sprawl

Kettlebell Squat Clean


Circuit 4: 4 rounds, rest 60 seconds between circuits.

Pushup to Side Plank

Bear Crawl Fire Feet


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