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Reader Survey/Triple Threat Day 11 (Superset Workout)

.Yesterday was a much needed rest day (both for exercising and blogging), and today I’m ready to get back at it. I’m really excited about some of the exercises because they will target my muscles in different ways than standard strength exercises. I loved Wednesday’s strength workout, but it wasn’t different enough to make me sore or feel it the next day (which is fine), so I’m excited to do something a little different today.

But before I give you an overview of the workout, I have 2 questions for you. I’m working on creating a YouTube channel and writing an ebook, and I would love to have your input! So if you are a woman looking to get fit and healthy, please take a minute to offer your opinion, because you are my target audience! Thank you in advance


What kind of content would you most like to see on my YouTube channel? 

  • Vlogs
  • Workout Videos
  • Q & A
  • Nutrition Videos
  • Other (please specify)


Which of the ebook titles below would you be most likely to read (don’t worry, your answer doesn’t mean you are committing to buy them)? Please keep in mind that I might change the actual title of the ebook once I’ve written it, but these titles just give you a general idea of the topics I’m thinking of writing about.

  • 100 Apartment Friendly Workouts
  • Iron Woman – Why women should focus on strength training, and how to get started with minimal equipment.
  • Why I Ditched Cardio for Weights (and how you can, too!)
  • A Simple Guide to Eating Healthy (without the hassle or misery)
  • 10 Super-effective Non-traditional Forms of Exercise) that are more fun and yield better results)




Now on to today’s Superset workout! I only made a few slight modifications to a couple of the exercises, where I will use dumbbells instead of a barbell, or do Tricep Dips instead of Tricep Extensions.




Superset 1:

Barbell Bench Press (4×10 reps)

Kettlebell Single Leg Squat to Box (4×10 reps)


Superset 2:

Dumbbell Row (4×10 reps)

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge (4×10 reps per leg)


Superset 3:

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press (3×10-12 reps, to failure)

Side Lateral Raise (3×10-12 reps, to failure)


Superset 4:

Tricep Dips (3×10-12 reps, to failure)

Dumbbell Biceps Curl (3×10-12 reps, to failure)






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