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Triple Threat – Day 12 (The Forty Fives)

Today I’m doing another Conditioning workout by Hannah Eden. It’s an interval workout with a 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest ratio, so that will be challenging. The only exercises I’m not familiar with are Full Moon and Medicine Ball Ninja. They look like awesome core exercises so I’m excited to try them. I’ll be substituting Jump Squats for the Wall Balls, and I’m going to try to use a dumbbell for the Medicine Ball Ninjas and see if that works.

On Monday I will have reached the halfway point in this training program, and I’ll be giving you a more comprehensive review of what I think of it so far (spoiler alert, I love it!), so be on the lookout for that.

I like how this workout alternates core exercises with higher intensity compound movements. When I’ve done workouts like this in the past I’ve tried to shift my mindset to realize that core exercises are a time to catch your breath while still working hard, so I’m going to have to try to remember that today. But when you look at this workout, the Plank Shoulder Taps, Full Moon, and V-Ups are the only real “resting” core exercises. All the others are going to keep me breathing hard the whole time. Needless to say I will be blissfully exhausted by the end.

I think the most challenging exercise for me in this workout will be either the Burpee Box Jumps or the V-Ups. Burpee Box Jumps are one of the most killer exercises because they work every muscle in your body and require a ton of cardiovascular endurance. And V-Ups usually get to me after a couple of rounds because I don’t do isolated ab exercises very often, and like with any other exercise, something new and different is always a lot harder than exercises you’re used to. I’m very familiar with most of the other exercises, so I should be able to push myself through them just fine.






3 rounds, 60 seconds rest between rounds. Perform each exercise in a 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest format.

Mountain Climber

Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing

Jumping Knee Up Down

Plank Shoulder Tap

Wall Ball (Jump Squats)

Full Moon

Burpee Box Jump

Dumbbell Squat Snatch

Medicine Ball Ninja



4 thoughts on “Triple Threat – Day 12 (The Forty Fives)”

  1. Hey!
    I read the spoiler alert 🙂 lol. I remember doing Wall balls, those are actually fairly hard depending the amount of weights you choose (ball size) and I didn’t mind them until the coach made me use a heavier ball and then I hated them again! lol.
    Jump squats are a good exercise too! I have implemented them in my workout routines and they really challenge you!


    P.S good job with your workout 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You mean they are your VERY VERY VERY FAVORITE and you love to do them so much that you do them everyday! haha.
        I think jump squats make my thighs all jello when I am done, I feel the burn after like 10 reps..

        Liked by 1 person

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