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Triple Threat Trainer – Day 14, Halfway Point Review

Today is Day 14 of the Triple Threat workout program, which means I’ve reached the halfway point! I consider sticking with a workout program for 2 weeks (and still wanting to do more!) a huge accomplishment because I usually get bored easily. There are a lot of things I love about this program, as well as things I’ve struggled with, so I’m going to give you a thorough overview of my thoughts so far.




It holds my interest. I’ve never done a program that keeps me as motivated and interested as this one – no joke. Continuously alternating between hypertrophy, conditioning, and strength training workouts has held my interest and kept me wanting more. Usually when I finish a cardio/endurance workout I never want to do it again, so doing them for a few days in a row has never worked well for me. With this program, knowing that tomorrow I get to do a strength or hypertrophy workout has motivated me enough to give each conditioning workout all I’ve got. And actually, the workouts Hannah Eden writes are a far cry from traditional cardiovascular exercise. So far they have all been interval workouts in a CrossFit style format, which is a lot more fun, simply because each round is simultaneously shorter and more challenging. I do want to clarify something quick. It isn’t that I can’t do cardio. So far I’ve been able to do each interval workout with very minimal extra rest. When I started my fitness journey I could rarely make it through the first couple intervals without a water break, so my endurance has definitely improved a lot through some interval training, but more recently, through heavy weightlifting. I just prefer strength workouts over cardio because the results seem more tangible, and it’s just plain more fun for me.


It has shown me my weaknesses. I believe that a workout program isn’t complete enough if it doesn’t show you areas that need improvement. We all have weaknesses, and mine have shown up big time during this program. To put it simply, the majority of my workouts for the past couple of months have focused on compound lifting movements, with very little isolated core work. I had been adding a few rounds of 1 minute planks or 100 bridges on the end of my workouts but I hadn’t really been doing much specifically to target my core. Hannah Eden’s conditioning workouts often call for intervals of isolated ab exercises (like V-Ups or Fire Feet), and my core has held up okay, but not as well as I would like. I can usually make it through the first round or two without a rest and then I need to take extra breaks after that. I should be able to make it through as written, with no extra rest, so I will definitely be adding more core work into my workouts after this.


The format is perfect for me. I love structuring my workouts in a 2 days on, 1 day off format. I don’t know why but that has always worked very well for my body. I think it’s easier to push myself harder for 2 days when I know I have a rest day coming up soon than it is to work really hard for an entire week before I get a break. Not to mention the fact that sore muscles need extra rest to recover. There is nothing wrong with taking 2 days of rest per week, as long as you are giving it your all on the days you work out. After all, rest days are when the real change happens as you recover.


I have been able to maintain strength, build some muscle, and improve my endurance. As far as goals, I’ve been relatively pleased with this program. I’m still able to do 5 sets of 5 deadlifts with 195-200# without a problem, so while I’m not necessarily gaining functional strength in terms of adding pounds to my lifts, I am maintaining it while I build muscle and test my endurance. Speaking of muscle growth, I know it’s only been a couple of weeks, but I have noticed that I’ve gained some lean muscle mass, which is always awesome. That could be from all the lifting I did over the fall and early winter, but I think the hypertrophy work in this program is also paying off.


It’s tough enough to challenge me, but easy enough to be manageable. One of the great things about this program is how adaptable it is. It could work for anyone of just about any level. If you are a beginner there are simple modifications you can do to make it manageable for you, while still being challenging enough to get you to where you want to be. I remember being a beginner and feeling horrible because I could never make it through a workout as it was written without any modifications. I’ve now changed my mindset so I don’t feel so bad when I have to make it easier for myself, but I must say it’s been exciting to do this program with virtually no modifications. Progress and reaching goals are always the two most motivating factors when it comes to working out. So if you are just getting started on an exercise program and if it feels like you’re never going to reach your goals, I promise you will. The hardest part is getting through the first month. After roughly 4-6 weeks you should start seeing results, which will help motivate you to keep going. Anyone of any fitness level has been where you are. You’ve got this! Just don’t quit.


So overall I’m honestly loving this program and would recommend it for anyone, male or female. If you have minimal fitness equipment but would like to try it, Contact Me and I would be glad to give you alternative exercises using what you do have (even if it’s just your bodyweight), so that you can take advantage of this awesome workout plan.

Also, for those who don’t know, I recently announced that for a limited time, I’m offering 2 months of health/fitness coaching for just $50 per month (valued at over $100 per month) to the first 10 women who apply, so please let me know asap if you are at all interested. Please go to this page to learn more.

Below is today’s workout, with the only modification being that I’ll be running on an elliptical for 10 calories instead of rowing, since I don’t have a rower.




3×5 Bulgarian Split Squats

3×8-12 Single Arm Dumbbell Row


Circuit: 4 rounds, rest 1 minute between rounds.

Running (10 calories)

Barbell Thruster (10 reps)

Toes-to-Bar (10 reps)









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