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Triple Threat – Day 28 (Hybrid)

I can’t believe I’m finishing the Triple Threat program today! I’m technically on Day 27 since I did Day 26 yesterday, but Day 27 is a rest day and I took an extra rest day last week, so I’m going to go ahead and do the final workout today. I’m glad it’s a hybrid workout, combining elements of strength training, hypertrophy, and conditioning work. Yesterday’s workout had my legs like jello when I was done, especially since I was short on time and did the last half virtually without any rest. So this hybrid workout will be a great way to finish strong by working my entire body. I will be posting a final overview of the program, as well as what I’m planning to do next, either later today or tomorrow.

This hybrid workout starts off with a great compound upper body movement – the pendlay row, followed by some isolation work with dumbbells. After that I get to do a 12 minute AMRAP, which will undoubtedly be the most difficult portion of the workout for me. Like I’ve said before, I prefer having a set number of reps or minutes to do each exercise. With an AMRAP, you have to really push yourself to get in as many rounds or reps as possible within the allotted time, and it’s really easy to be lazy and take too many breaks.


why how.jpg




Pendlay Row – 5×5 at 40% of deadlift 1RM



Side Lateral Raise – 3×10

Front Dumbbell Raise – 3×10


AMRAP in 12 minutes, increase by 3 every 3 rounds:

Running, 3 calories

Burpee Over Rower (over bench), 3 reps



2 thoughts on “Triple Threat – Day 28 (Hybrid)”

  1. Elizabeth,
    Congrats on finishing up your program! you did very well (with what you been telling us), i like all the different types of exercise this program had to offer and look forward to your overall review of the program.


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