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8 Things You Should Never Say to a Fit Girl

Disclaimer: If you’ve ever said these things to a fit girl, please don’t feel too bad. This post was mostly written in fun and for all the fit ladies who have unique problems as a result of their fit lifestyle. If you have been on the receiving end of any of these statements or questions, I hope you handled it with understanding and not malice. Some people just don’t get it, and that’s okay.

Definition of a fit girl: I’m talking about any woman/girl who has reached the point where their fit lifestyle could almost be considered an addiction.




That being said, here are 8 things you should never say to a fit girl:

  • You look like a guy.  Girls cannot build muscle like men. It’s impossible – we don’t have the necessary hormones. Now, do some girls build a substantial amount of muscle faster than others? Yes. Everyone is different. But it is almost always lean, feminine muscle, and still not anywhere near as much as that of a strong, fit man. A girl who works out and a guy who works out (especially if they lift weights) will look totally different. If you are talking to a girl who is stronger than you or has more muscle than you, chances are the issue lies more with your training than hers. Just sayin’ 😉 But more importantly than that, you’re asking for trouble any time you compare guys’ and girls’ fitness, because we are all so different (and thank goodness for that!).


  • You were born that way.  On several occasions I’ve heard people admire an athlete, only to turn around and say they were “born that way.” I hate hearing that, because it discounts all the hard work and effort the athlete has put their body through. When someone is born with talent, it may be neat, but in my opinion it isn’t anywhere near as amazing as someone who starts at the bottom and works their way to the top. Most of the time the athletes and fit people you admire were not, in fact, born that way. They started at the same place you did – the bottom – and put in the hard work necessary to get to where they are.


  • Why can’t you just skip your workout?  If you are friends with a fitness addict, there may be occasions when you want to hang out, but they say they can’t because they don’t want to miss their workout. That probably seems pretty nuts to anyone outside of the fitness world because most people would much rather do something “fun.” Please understand that there comes a point when you finally start seeing awesome results from your workouts, and it becomes more of a healthy addiction than a chore. And I’m pretty sure that is something that should be encouraged, not complained about (unless, of course, it becomes an addiction to a dangerous level).


  • Girls shouldn’t lift.  This is my personal favorite myth to debunk. If you don’t already know, girls should lift. Period. There is no reason on God’s good earth that a girl shouldn’t make moving heavy stuff part of her everyday life. It builds bone density, improves functional strength, boosts the metabolism like nothing else, which leads to more efficient fat loss results, and so much more. It won’t make you bulky (we don’t have the hormones necessary to pack on muscle like men do). It will, however, transform your life in a TON of positive ways.


  • You’re going to pay for it when you get older.  I’ve come across some older folks from time to time who (with all due respect) believe some hardcore exercise routines will lead to arthritis and other maladies later in life. And that’s an understandable warning – a lot of them have health issues because of the physical strain and work they went through earlier in life. Contrary to what you might think, exercise (including the really intense ones) can be one of the best preventatives of bone and joint ailments later in life. Why? Because most, if not all, injuries and problems that come as a result of exercise are because of two factors: repetition and poor form. When your body is pushed to do the same intense exercise over and over again, eventually it tends to wear out and break. That is some of why physical problems are common in people who trained in intense sports (like gymnastics) for years on end. They trained the same exercises and routines so many times without variety that eventually it led to injury. We need constant variety and change in our training routines to keep our bodies from wearing out or getting hurt. Another commonly overlooked cause of injury is simply improper form. When you do an exercise incorrectly, you’re asking for trouble. An example of this is lifting – one might wonder why deadlifting or pushing weight overhead is so much better than doing manual labor on a farm. The reason is because when you lift with proper form (straight back, neutral neck, weight on heels, etc.) you build functional strength in a healthy way. Most of the time when we move heavy stuff in everyday life, our backs are rounded, we strain our necks, and so on, which is just asking for injury or conditions like arthritis.


  • Why do you wear workout clothes all the time?  The simple answer: because nothing else fits. Women’s clothes are designed for stick figures or overweight people. Jeans often are small in the thighs but large in the waist, or teeny tiny all over. Blazers and button down shirts tend to be pretty narrow in the shoulders with not much room in the arms. And so on. I’m not even that muscular and I have a really hard time finding clothes that fit right. I personally like to dress modestly (within reason), but leggings and tank tops are soooo much more comfortable than the usual women’s outfits.


  • You are too obsessed with fitness.  Hold on a second. There are many truly dangerous addictions out there – smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. – and you are choosing to pick on my addiction to something healthy? Granted, some people do let fitness completely take over their lives to the point where they are condescending to everyone who isn’t in their special group, but the average fitness addict is simply someone who loves getting healthy, pushing themselves, and smashing goals. There’s nothing wrong with that.


  • How do you eat so much and not get fat?  Girls who work out, and work out hard, tend to need a lot of food to keep them satisfied. Especially ladies who lift. There is a common misconception that to be healthy you must eat very little, and what you do eat must taste awful, so that you can be skinny. If I can be frank, that is a terrible perspective. Girls who work hard in the gym have earned the right to eat lots of healthy carbs, protein, fruits and veggies, because they believe in fueling their bodies, not just eating for comfort. And the best part – it won’t make them gain weight because they are burning it off during their workouts, and it will be put to good use to build energy and lean muscle.


If you are a friend of a fit girl, have you ever said any of the above? Or if you are a fit girl, have you heard any of those statements or questions? If so, how did you handle it? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments 🙂


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