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Killer Total Body Strength Workout + HIIT

Hey readers! I’m sorry I disappeared from my blog for the last few days – my weekend didn’t go as planned and yesterday turned into a very long work day. I’m back now though – I’ll be writing a couple of posts today and catching up on the latest from my favorite bloggers.

I haven’t worked out since last Friday (which feels awful), so I’m doing a total body workout today, combining the upper body workout I should have done yesterday, today’s lower body workout, and some HIIT intervals for good measure. Tomorrow is a rest day so the goal is to have earned it. I will be back on track on Thursday with my new workout program.






Lower Body:

5×5 deadlifts at 215#

5×15 ring bridges at 30#

3×25 jump squats


Upper Body:

5×5 push presses at 95#

5×5 pull-ups

3×12 push-ups



1 tabata – alternate V-ups and double unders

1 tabata – alternate wall plank and jumping lunges

3x 1 minute plank



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