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Brief Life Update – Deadlift Strength Workout

This workout is specifically designed to help me reach my deadlift goal of 260# (2x my bodyweight. I would love to get it by the first week of May, but if I don’t get it until the end of May that is reasonable. The only problem with that would be if I move into an apartment before then, since I won’t have access to a barbell for awhile. I got hired for a job this week, so as soon as I get paid I will be able to start buying all the basic living necessities I need before I move. I’m probably going to be Goodwill and Walmart’s new favorite customer lol :$ I will also start seriously looking at apartments at that point, so depending on how fast all of that goes I would like to move in May or June.

With starting a new job and preparing to move, I might not have time to write blog posts as often as I would like for awhile. Once I’m settled into my new place and set a schedule for myself I should be able to devote more time to advancing my health coaching business and blogging.






5×8 Deadlifts at 215#

5×10 Single Leg Deadlifts

5×10 Squats w/ 2, 30 lb. Dumbbells


3×10 Weighted Step-ups

100 walking lunges (no rest)

100 hip bridges (no rest)



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