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Upper Body Circuit Workout

My legs are thoroughly sore from yesterday’s workout (those 500 lunges were killer), so today I’m doing a similar upper body circuit workout to balance myself out, if you will. Tomorrow’s a rest day so it wouldn’t do to have just one muscle group sore lol 😉

To make this workout easier, modify by using less weight, less reps, or taking the “clap” out of the clapping push-ups. You can always adapt virtually any workout to suit your fitness level, whether you need it to be more advanced or easier. Never be ashamed of where you are at. The fact that you are working out at all is something you should be proud of, no matter how far you have to go to reach your goal.




Upper Body Circuit Workout


5 rounds:

  • 5 db curl & press (30# per hand)
  • 10 clapping pushups
  • 10 bent over rows (30# per hand)
  • 10 clapping pushups
  • 100 arm circles


The fact that I haven’t done arm circles for a very long time, combined with the fact that push-ups are my enemy (I can do them but I do not usually enjoy them) is going to make this workout really tough. The curl & press and bent over rows should be lots of fun though. Every muscle in my upper body should be thoroughly exhausted by the time I’m done.

As a side note, someone recently suggested that I make a Pinterest board with all the workouts I’ve been writing. I think that’s a fabulous idea and I will be looking into it, so feel free to follow me on Pinterest if you are interested!


6 thoughts on “Upper Body Circuit Workout”

  1. Congrats on the new job!
    Also, yesterday’s workout you mentioned with the lunges, that is pure amazing 🙂 already sounding like a bonafide CrossFit athlete!
    I do arm circles for as an upper body warm up (not as many as you did) only about 10-15 both ways (both small and large ones). I have never done clapping push ups, but I don’t think I am ready for anything that advanced yet, good plyos exercise though! so kudos for you for being able to do them!


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    1. Thanks!! And haha thank you, I don’t know about being quite like a bonafide CrossFit athlete lol but I sure appreciate the thought 😀 My legs are still sore from that workout but I’m glad I proved to myself that I could do it.

      Clapping pushups are tough – if I don’t do pushups regularly I lose chest strength quickly and have to do them from my knees, but hey they are still a great plyo exercise that way. I’m sure once I move and don’t have a barbell anymore I will be doing lots of pushups lol.

      Thanks again for your consistent support 😀

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      1. Hmm, I think I lose chest strength quickly too now that you bring that up. I am going to check to see if I can still do a minimum of 10-20 push ups or if I struggle, since I haven’t done them since the challenge. I know how much you love your push ups! hahahaha

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