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150 Followers – 1,000 Squat Challenge

Why I am making myself do this I have no idea… Actually I do, I can’t say no to a good challenge πŸ˜€ Also I figured what better way to celebrate reaching the 150 follower mark than to do something crazy, er, fun! I know 150 isn’t the biggest number of followers out there but it’s exciting for me, thanks to all my long time supporters as well as my new readers! I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys!

My upper body is very sore from yesterday’s workout, which is fabulous, but it means I need to do a strictly lower body workout today. I’ve been considering doing a 1,000 squat workout for awhile now (you may remember I mentioned it in this post), so I figured what better way to kick my own butt today than to do that.

(Just as a side note, if you ever wonder why I post my workouts before I do them it’s for one simple reason:Β once I post it I have to do it or I’m a liar. It’s a fabulous way to hold myself accountable lol).

So yeah, I’m about to go do 1,000 squats with as little rest as possible. I’m sure it will take me forever and I may not be able to walk when I’m done but my muscles will thank me later I’m sure… The only rule I’m setting for myself is that I have to go below parallel for every rep (hips below knees) and keep my upper body as upright as possible. I’m going to break the first 500 reps into sets of 100, then I might have to do sets of 50. I have no idea how well I’ll hold up so I’ll just have to blast my music and try to pace myself somewhat, and I’ll survive.

Has anyone else ever done 1,000 squats at once?? Please comment your thoughts below πŸ™‚


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