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Certification, here I come!

As many of you know, I’ll be moving into my first apartment in about a month or so (likely the second week in July). I’m super excited because now that it’s official and getting closer, I get to set some new goals for after I’m settled into my new place. (Who else loves dreaming new dreams by the way?)




Once I’ve moved and figured out a reasonable budget for myself, I’m going to take (and hopefully pass!) 2 certification exams, one specifically for coaching technique and the second for personal training. I’ve already done most of the coursework and have a solid foundation of knowledge and experience under my belt, but there’s always more to learn. I’m looking forward to having a tangible certificate to finalize my training and prove to my clients that I know my stuff.

My goal is to be certified by the end of summer, I’m thinking August or September. If you are considering hiring me as your coach, please let me know as soon as possible. I’m going to use the income I receive from my first clients to pay for the certification exams. I’m not exactly rich so if I’m not making extra money beyond my regular job, getting certified won’t be an option. The coaching exam is $160, and the personal training exam is $99. If I can find 3 women who want to be coached over the next 2-3 months that should cover my expenses. I’m offering a reduced rate to the first 3 women who sign up, and I already have one client, so like I said please let me know asap if you are interested 🙂 Not that I’m begging for money by the way, a woman who signs up for 2-3 months of coaching will be able to see a huge difference in her health and wellness by the end of that time. I promise it’s worth it.

After I move I’ll also be able to devote more time to blogging, youtubing, instagraming, etc. to really build my business. So if you feel like I’m dropping of the face of the earth or ignoring all your lovely blogs I’m not- I’m just in a very busy season of life right now. Please be patient and count down to July with me 🙂


– Elizabeth Fredrickson


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