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Murph Challenge

Happy Memorial Day everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! I also want to thank any of my readers who have served in the military or have supported a family member who has. Even though Memorial Day is in memory of those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom, I still want to honor those who are serving or have served.

Some of you may have heard (especially on Facebook) about the Murph Challenge 2017, where people all across the United States are completing the “Murph” Crossfit WOD as a tribute to LT. Michael P. Murphy (SEAL), and also as a fundraiser. (You can learn more about the challenge here.) I think Murph is a great workout (as you can see below), so I will be completing it for time as soon as I publish this post. I have to scale it to make it through alive, especially with the 100 pull-ups. My modifications will be to do it without the recommended 20 lb. vest, and the push-ups will be from my knees. I’m sure I’ll have to either put my feet on a box or do jumping pull-ups by the end, especially since I only have gymnastics rings, which are more difficult than a pull-up bar because they are unstable.

Here’s the infamous “Murph” workout:



If any of you want to take part in the Murph challenge, feel free to post your time below, I’d love to see the comments fill up with times from average folks who want to take part in this special Memorial Day workout. If you give it your all, the amount of time it takes you isn’t what matters, so don’t be a bit embarrassed if it takes you longer than you’d like. It’s a tough workout and the fact that you finish makes you pretty special!


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