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(New!) EF Coaching Update

I know it’s been over a week since I’ve written a post. . . yikes!! This week I had to work Monday through Friday plus the weekend, so blogging has kinda taken a back seat. I’ve got just over 2 weeks until I move and get settled into a new routine. In the meantime I have a few short updates for anyone who is interested in how my coaching business is developing (and no, it isn’t dead). . .


I’m joining a new, well-known fitness platform.  I’ll share more as soon as I work out some of the details, but I had a fellow fitness professional contact me this week with an offer to join a network of coaches through a well-known fitness platform. I’m really excited about this because through this particular platform I will be able to offer more holistic help to my clients, build a client base faster, maintain a more steady income through coaching, and network with fellow coaches (way more fun than going it alone). So keep following my blog over the next few weeks as I will be doing an in depth post on this soon.


I’m almost ready to take my final certification exams.  In a previous post I talked about offering 3 clients a discounted coaching rate to fund the fee for my final certification exams in life coaching and personal training. I’m happy to say I’m almost at my goal, and will be able to take the exams very soon!! 😀


I’m teaching a group fitness class for the elderly.  At my day job I have the opportunity to teach a regular exercise class for seniors. I love it because it gives me experience working with a variety of fitness levels and personalities to keep them all engaged in the exercise. Hopefully that carries over in the future when I make workout videos.


Much awesomeness to come soon,

Elizabeth Fredrickson




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