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My Post Moving Workout Plan

*Note: I wrote this post and intended to publish it on Monday, but I don’t have internet in my apartment yet so that didn’t end up happening.*

As some of you know if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I moved to my first apartment this past weekend. I love my new place and am super excited to make it my home!! One thing I have been looking forward to the most is creating my own unique apartment workout plan. Nothing motivates me more than setting new goals and dreams for myself to accomplish.

Now I’m not a huge fan of exercise machines or making workouts complicated, and after years of trial and error I have found a combination of exercise equipment that is inexpensive, extremely versatile, and yields better results than any machine or complicated program. At least it has for me. Please note that I designed this program very specifically for me. Each person is unique and deserves their own unique plan (something I specialize in creating as a coach).

Here are my situation and needs:

I walk a LOT of miles at work most days. And I do mean a lot. I’m a homemaker at a community for the care of dementia patients and the elderly, and on days when I do a lot of housekeepings (cleaning apartments top to bottom), I have to push my cart back and forth through tunnels between multiple buildings all day. Which adds up to a lot of walking. Not to mention that all of the work I do is physical. Even if it isn’t really heavy manual labor, it does require a decent amount of endurance (especially for the walking). It’s funny because I had a doctor appointment the other day and found out I’ve actually lost a few pounds since starting my new job (I pretty much don’t weigh myself ever but according to the last weight I remembered I have lost weight lol). So anywho the point I am trying to make is that I’m not really in need of more cardio in my workouts. What I do need is to keep up my strength, especially in my core because all the stooping over and hands-and-knees work I do takes a toll on my back and hips.




With moving and starting a new job and everything I haven’t exactly kept up with my strength training like I need. I’m sure part of my weight loss was a loss of muscle weight, not just fat. Needless to say I’ve decided to focus pretty much all of my workouts on intense strength training (primarily lifting). I’ll be using dumbbells because I both can’t afford and have no place to store an Olympic weight set in my apartment. And actually, much to my surprise, I’ve found dumbbells are just as good if not better than Olympic lifts for improving core strength because I do a lot of asymmetrical exercises (one arm or leg at a time). This requires more balance, which calls on all the tiny stabilizing muscles in addition to the larger movers. Single arm dumbbell snatches have become one of my favorite exercises.

In summary my plan is to use my pull-up bar, gymnastic rings, 35 lb. Dumbbells, jump rope, and foam roller to build strength, protect my back and hips, and balance out all the odd exercise I get at work. Follow me on Instagram (especially in the near future while I am without internet), I post my workouts a few times a week usually. If you are interested in having a personalized workout program created just for you, please let me know!! I have a lot of experience in that and love doing that sort of thing for my clients 🙂


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