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I’m back!!!!! – What’s been happening with me and what’s coming for y’all in the near future

Hey everyone!! This is just a quick note to let all my loyal (and exceedingly patient) readers know that I’m FINALLY back to blogging and coaching again. I tell ya when you move into your first apartment you can’t count on anything going as planned… but that’s fine ’cause it’s part of the adventure, right? 😉 After a long, fun, exhausting, bank breaking move-in process I finally decided to order internet from CenturyLink last week. It was supposed to arrive on Monday but I was at work when they tried to deliver the modem soo I missed the delivery. Ended up sending it to a different pickup location and getting it set up this morning (it’s my much needed day off today, yay!!). So anyways here I am finally getting back into the swing of things. I have loads of emails, blog posts, and messages to catch up on (there were 950+ emails in my inbox when I logged in), and even more writing and content creating to do, so stay tuned on my blog, Facebook, and Instagram to get the latest before anyone else! 😀


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