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Post Moving Fit Life (Part 2 – 7 Tips for Staying Fit in an Apartment)

This post was supposed to get written on Saturday but my internet got knocked out all day (plus I was working a double shift) so that didn’t happen. Anyways here it is! It’s taking a little longer than usual to write because Ryker (my new apartment buddy) thinks typing hands are great fun to pounce on but alas I will finish it shortly. Obviously, because you are now reading it.

(Note: I’m writing this as a slightly exhausted individual so if it doesn’t make any sense leave a comment and I’ll rewrite it. Otherwise, thanks for bearing with me 🙂 )




Working out in an apartment can seem like more hassle than it’s worth. After all, you probably have neighbors below you who won’t appreciate lots of pounding on their ceiling (your floor), you are working with a small space, and you don’t exactly want to take up a lot of room with exercise machines. There are two ways to take care of all those problems. One is to get a gym membership. If you don’t mind going somewhere else to work out, and if you can commit to a regular workout schedule at the gym, that’s great. If you’d rather work out in the comfort and privacy of your own place (like me), there are a ton of ways to get in a great workout with minimal, inexpensive equipment. Here are 7 ways to go about it.


  • Get a door-frame pull-up bar. There are a ton of exercises you can do with a pull-up bar besides pull-ups. You can do knee raises, L-sits, dead hangs, pull-up negatives, and much more. All of these exercises are far more effective for improving upper body and core strength and muscle “tone” than isolated exercises.


  • Invest in a pair of lightweight and a pair of heavyweight dumbbells. Ladies, if weights scare you, let me reassure you that they shouldn’t. There is no way you are going to end up looking like a hulkish bodybuilder because you lift heavy weights. It takes years of insane workouts paired with a ton of protein consumption and steroids to get that look. What you will find is that by lifting heavy dumbbells on a regular basis, you will build functional strength and beautiful muscle tone. You will also be building bone density and improving your overall health in countless ways. Seriously. Lifting is one of the best forms of exercise, especially for women. And dumbbells are an inexpensive, extremely versatile piece of equipment to lift heavy without having to take up a lot of room in your apartment.


  • Sign up for a free FitnessBlender account. Kelli and Daniel have put together hundreds of free workout videos for all fitness levels, that have time and time again been proven to get amazing results whether your goal is to tone up or lose weight (or both). The best part is that every workout is different (never get bored!) and require minimal equipment, if any. Many of their workouts are also low impact (little to no jumping) and apartment friendly. For me personally, doing their workouts was the first ‘real’ form of exercise that I did that actually improved my fitness measurably. I still do their workouts, just modify them to suit my fitness level. Trust me, if you commit to do their workouts 3-5 times per week for a month, you won’t want to go back.


  • Search Youtube for videos to follow along with. Channels like fitnessblender, BeFit, 12 Minute Athlete, Ballet Beautiful, blogiliates, and so on offer a wide variety of great workouts so you will never get bored, and can continuously challenge yourself. Just have some fun browsing and find something that suits you and your needs.


  • Find free workouts on and adapt them to suit the equipment you have. This website has a great database of strength and lifting routines for any fitness level. Some of them call for using exercise machines, but it’s actually very easy to adapt any workout to suit any combination of equipment. If you find a workout you’d like to try but aren’t sure how to modify to fit your needs, feel free to email me at and I’d be happy to help you out!


  • Use everyday stuff to vary your workouts. Don’t have any equipment yet? No problem. Use a chair for step ups, elevated hip bridges, dips, and incline push-ups. Use a wall for handstands, kick-ups, elevated planks (hands on wall), incline push-ups, and more. Use your imagination and don’t use lack of equipment as an excuse. There are tons of ways to challenge yourself (no matter your fitness level) without any equipment at all.


  • Utilize interval training in your workouts to get a more effective workout in less time. Interval training is a fantastic way to put together workouts easily, challenge yourself, burn fat, maintain or build strength, and boost your metabolism for hours after your workout. Check out this post to learn more. Pick a couple of your favorite (or least favorite for an extra challenge) exercises and do them for 20-40 minutes worth of intervals. You’d be surprised how effective a workout that simple can be.



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