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Changing Things Up

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a great week week and that this coming week brings lots of good things for you. I’ve been toying with some new ideas for my blog this weekend, so stay tuned for a couple of posts and updates 🙂

I’m changing my blog to a lifestyle blog instead of an exclusively health/fitness blog. Not that I won’t still be talking a ton about health and fitness (because those are two very important aspects of my life), I will just also be blogging about stuff like the DIY projects I’m working on, mistakes I’ve made and learned from, life as a single 20-something, etc. I’m learning a lot living on my own and I figured I might be able to help someone else by sharing about my life. I’d also like my readers to be able to get to know about me as a whole, not just me as a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur. And the final small reason for changing it up is that I like the idea of having a kind of online journal that I can look back on in the future.

Hopefully you guys like this change, please leave comments, likes, and follows so I know you’re interested in my content!

Looking forward to the future,



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