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DIY Boho Decor – Wall Hangings and Drop Cloth Curtains

Today I only had to work half the day so I have most of the afternoon/evening free to deep clean my apartment and get to some projects I haven’t gotten around to yet since moving. My apartment has been a mess this weekend, largely because after cleaning all day at work the last thing I want to do when I come home is clean my own place. Either that or I obsessively clean it to perfection because I’m sick of being around dirtiness all day XD Anyway it felt good to get my dishes done, mop the floors, and work on laundry (a work in progress at the moment). The best part of today thought was getting to 2 projects I’ve been dreaming about since I moved in.

Project #1: Create a yarn wall hanging.

I’ve been obsessed (more or less) with Bohemian decor on Pinterest ever since I discovered it’s a “thing.” One Boho idea I particularly love is yarn wall hangings. Some of them can be really detailed and artsy, and others are just simple and add a relaxed, colorful touch to the decor. Either way they can be a simple, cheap, DIY art project so I decided to make good use of some old yarn I had and try making one today. I’m happy with the result, and will be making more detailed ones in the near future. The one I made today is really simple but it serves my purpose for now. I can’t wait to get more yarn to improve it a little though. (Seriously, check out yarn wall art on Pinterest, it is some of the coolest stuff ever.)

Here’s the result of an hour or so of work:



Of course Ryker made the process take a little longer than it normally would 😉




Project #2: Drop cloth bedroom curtains.

I’m not quite finished with this project yet because the curtains are drying as I write this, but I did successfully clean and dye some leftover drop cloth material I had so it will be ready to go as soon as it dries. I used a navy blue Rit dye and am very pleased with the results. I didn’t expect it to go as well as it did. I’ll likely be going on a dyeing spree soon as I reupholster my couch and armchair. I’ll also probably make some drop cloth curtains for the living room to add some color and life to a currently boring room. If there’s anything I’ve learned from looking up Boho decor on Pinterest, it’s that you can drastically improve a room’s appearance by adding bright, deeply colorful curtains, wall hangings, and throw pillows or rugs, while keeping your furniture, walls, and carpet neutral colors. That way you have colorful, attractive accents set against earthy, cozy tones. Add a scented candle or two and you have a very homey atmosphere for a relatively low price.







Note: if you ever end up dying something in your kitchen sink, make sure you have plenty of rags and a good disinfectant (409) or stain removing spray handy. You WILL splash dye on your counters and it will stain them very effectively. Also make sure you wear gloves while you handle the fabric. You don’t want to end up with dyed hands (The Dick van Dyke show episode “Show of Hands,” anyone??).

This post is what I referred to for detailed dyeing instructions. Definitely check it out before you try any DIY dyeing projects on your own. It’s actually pretty simple, wash the fabric, put it in hot water (with dye and about cup of salt mixed in already, salt aids in the absorption of the color), soak it for at least 10 minutes, longer if you want it darker, rinse with first hot, then cold water, hang to dry (to avoid wrinkles). Anyone can do it if you use caution, prepare properly, and use common sense.


And that was my day of DIYing! I’ll be blogging more soon about some more DIY decor stuff I’ll be doing to my living room and bedroom (including finishing the curtains). Stay tuned and talk to me in the comments! I love hearing your feedback. Otherwise I have no way of knowing what you thought (positive or negative, I’ll take both if it’s honest).

What is your favorite DIY project that you’ve done or are planning to do? Ever had a project go wrong? Have any tips for first-timers? Please comment below 😀


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