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My Slightly Brutal September Workout Plan – Fall Fitness Motivation

For the last couple of months I’ve just been doing whatever random workouts I find online or write for myself that look like a fun challenge. Now that it’s September I’m going to simplify things a little and alternate between the same 2 workouts for the whole month, only taking one or two rest days per week. But before I get into that, I wanted to mention that yesterday I wrote a post called, “The Ultimate Guide to Rockin’ Your Wedding Dress” about getting in shape for your big day. If you are in a wedding (yours or someone else’s) this Fall/Winter, you might want to check it out! It’s the most detailed and in depth post I’ve written in awhile, I stayed up late last night writing it so I hope you get something out of it. (It’s free and has been proven to work so what do you have to lose?) You can read the post here.


Back to what I was saying, I’ve decided to alternate only 2 workouts for a month because they are very intense and advanced (for me) workouts, and I want to push it that hard every day for awhile. Results are almost always a mirror image of the amount of effort you put into your workouts, so judging by the amount of soreness in every muscle of my body right now I should make a lot of gains by the end of the month.


Workout #1:

  • 100 single leg hip bridges
  • 100 side lunges (per leg)
  • 100 sumo squats
  • 100 donkey kicks (per leg)
  • 5 x 10 single leg deadlifts
  • 100 hanging tuck-ups


Workout #2:

  • 5×5 pull-ups
  • 100 push-ups
  • 5×15 dips
  • 5×8 bent over rows (35# per hand)
  • 5×8 shoulder press (35# per hand)
  • 100 plank shoulder taps
  • 100 tuck-ups


As you can see, the first workout is mostly leg intensive and the second targets every muscle in the upper body and core. You may have noticed that I’ve included 100 tuck-ups in both workouts. I’m probably going to regret that for the first week or two because tuck-ups are absolutely killer, but they are also the most effective ab exercise (tied with planks) I’ve come across. My core is something I’ve never really isolated in my workouts because I do so many compound workouts that it gets a lot of work indirectly. For September I’m going to isolate it more though to get even better results. Tuck-ups are also a great quad and hip flexor exercise, so that will be an added benefit as well. [If you aren’t familiar with tuck-ups, watch the short video clip below. You can do them hanging from a pull-up bar or rings.]



What is your fitness plan for September? Or better yet, what are your fitness goals for this coming winter? Summer fitness is built in the winter, so if you want to reach your fitness goals by next spring/summer, now is the perfect time to start!!




2 thoughts on “My Slightly Brutal September Workout Plan – Fall Fitness Motivation”

  1. I too have been doing random things in the gym! I finally found some routines that I like and want to stick with for a month or two. It’s good to switch up your routine after a month or so to start activating new muscles! Keep it up!!

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