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My Blender Broke… And other sad tales from my kitchen

I received my shipment of Shakeology this morning, and have been excited all day to try it. Protein shakes and healthy smoothies are some of the best pick-me-ups my body has ever known. But alas when I got home and put my mix of berries, banana, milk, and Shakeology in my elderly KitchenAid, a part shattered and of course the blender quit working. So now I’m left with a half blended smoothie and I’m waiting for it to thaw so I can mash the fruit with a fork. I’ll just be blending my daily Shakeology with milk in my trusty Blender Bottle for the next few days until I can figure whether I can get a high power blender anytime soon.




Sad Kitchen Tale #2: (okay so these tales aren’t actually sad, they are mostly entertaining and laughable)

I’m still trying to figure out how much food I eat and write up an actual healthy eating plan instead of just making whatever healthy meal I happen to have the ingredients for that day. Shakeology will account for most of my breakfasts for the near future, and I’ve collected a bunch of good wholesome recipes I can’t wait to try. Now I’m just waiting for my paycheck on Thursday so I can make them happen! Stay tuned for many hilarious failings as I am a TERRIBLE cook. I guess absent-mindedness and following recipes don’t mix well.

Sad Kitchen Tale #3:

Ryker is now big enough to start jumping on my kitchen counters (and floor lamps, pictured below), so it’s time for him to learn which furniture he is allowed on, and which furniture should be considered lava (am I the only one who played “the floor is lava” as a kid?). I must say it’s hard to reinforce these concepts when I’m at work all day. So for now his “training” mostly consists of me coming home, Ryker climbing on the counter, me subsequently jumping off the couch spewing forth multiple verbal threats, him staring at me like I’m a crazy person, and then him jumping off the counters at the last moment before my threats become a physical force to be reckoned with. (Note: I am a very nice person to my pets. I may be exaggerating a little for entertainment purposes).




Stay tuned for many more in a series of sad tales from my kitchen 😉


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