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The Fatal 40/Giant Set Challenge

The “Fatal 40” was my workout for this morning, I’ll post the original Crossfit version along with my version that works with my minimal apartment equipment.


fatal forty


So yeah, the above is the crazy but awesome CrossFit version. I gotta admit that as much as I love using minimal equipment in the privacy of my own apartment, I would love to try this one with a barbell at a real box. But since I don’t have that luxury, I made it work with the modifications below. It was really a great endurance workout, perfect to jumpstart my metabolism before work. Now I can just focus on some intense strength training tonight.


My version: 

40 jump squats

40 single arm dumbbell snatches (35#)

40 pull-ups

40 dumbbell deadlifts (70# total)

40 push-ups

40 dumbbell swings (1 pood, 35#)

40 hanging tuck-ups

40 air squats


If I had more time, I would have finished by doing 40 more single arm dumbbell snatches, 40 double unders, 40 sit-ups and 40 burpees. But I slept in this morning so I ended up not having time to do those and be ready for work on time.


Below is the Giant Set Challenge workout I will do tonight, focusing on slow reps with heavy weight, not the number of reps I can get in during the allotted time. This workout should torch my upper body like crazy, can’t wait to kill it!




How are you challenging yourself this week, physically, mentally, or spiritually? What is your go-to endurance workout? How about strength – what is your favorite muscle torching workout?


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