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Hello world!

Life’s been pretty crazy for the last month (thus the lack of posts here on my website), but the good news is I’m back in the game! I will be trying to write at least 1-2 posts per week, sometimes more depending on what is going on in my life. If my website is pretty quiet, please follow me on Facebook. I post much more frequently there.

My day job has had me working a lot of double shifts which leaves me with barely enough time to take care of myself at the end of the day – which leaves minimal time for anything else. My position and hours are changing here shortly (hopefully in the next week) so that I will have my evenings free and more regular days off. (Yay!!)

My minimal spare time has been spent developing my business as a Beachbody Coach. It’s building, slowly but surely. For awhile I was trying to devote a couple hours a day to my training, marketing, etc. but it was burning me out fast because of the craziness at my other job, plus teaching piano lessons, etc. So I’ve decided to take it more slowly and be patient with myself as I work to build a steady income online through coaching. So far that involves running challenges (which I have taken part in myself, and can personally attest that they are extremely effective and fun). As of 11/01/17 I’ve got a FREE 5 Day Fat Furnace challenge coming up on the 6th, so be sure to check out this link to get in on it! I only have 3 more spots available.

I also have finally decided on a new hobby – awhile ago I was talking about trying a martial art, barre, or CrossFit. I just found out today that a barre studio near me is opening up aerial silks classes starting with the New Year! I’m so excited about this because I’ve wanted to try aerial silks since I first learned what they were and now I get the opportunity to do just that, at a studio just a couple miles from me. So cool how opportunities open up sometimes. Stay tuned on Facebook and here for updates about that! For the next couple months (until classes start) I’ll be working on my core strength and flexibility more intently.

What’s new with you all? I want to hear all about your journey… what are some new things you’re trying? What are some dreams you have made happen this year?


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