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Dream big… or not

Hey you! Happy new year 2 weeks too late!! Hope you’re having a great start to 2018. And you’re welcome, the only time I’ll mention New Year’s you-know-whats is in this sentence.



Moving on. Here’s a life update on me.

Last time I wrote, I was looking into becoming a Medical Exercise Specialist. And I was super excited to try Aerial classes.

Yeah… That didn’t happen. Not yet anyways. I decided not to pursue a degree in exercise science for two simple reasons. One, I can’t afford it and I don’t want to be in debt forever. And second, I don’t want to put myself under the stress of being a full time student and full time at my day job for 4 years. That would be too much. There. I admitted it. Adulthood is about dealing with what you’re given, right? We don’t all have to sell our souls for 10 years to earn 50 years of a noble profession and glorious retirement.

[On a positive note, I had an opportunity come up this week for a better position at work (better pay, more directly health/fitness). So if I’m approved for that I’ll be an ACE certified Personal Trainer and you’ll get to hear all about that ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]

So I’ve been thinking. About dreams and life and such. And I realized something. Is it just me or is there a ton of pressure these days for young people to get a degree and chase some big career? I’m not gonna lie – I’ve always been in love with that idea – the thought that I can study hard and do something big with my life. And I completely respect those who have and are doing that. (Seriously, you nurses and doctors who actually care about what you do and do it well are celestial.) But really, not all of us can do that. Sometimes we 20-somethings can’t afford to go to medical school. Sometimes cars break down and medical bills happen and life just gets rough and we can’t “chase the dream” like we’re supposed to.

But why does that have to be such a sad story? I’m finding that when you choose to smile and do your best, you will find fulfillment, earn respect, form amazing relationships, and open up opportunities for yourself that you never dreamed of. I think that applies to every job no matter how ugly it is. I mean I get it. I spend my days scrubbing toilets and showing the same people where the bathroom is hundreds of times. I’ve dealt with drama and coworkers and customers and crappy weather and having to work when you’re sick and need I go on? Of course there are miserable days. Of course people suck a lot of the time. Of course I screw up a lot. But what the heck I wouldn’t trade the dementia residents I work with for the world. I really mean that. All the money in the world couldn’t buy the lessons I’ve learned and joy I get from them.




My advice to people my age: Quit complaining about stuff all the time. No matter where you are and what you do, put your heart into it and find joy somehow. Think of it as a challenge. Feel undervalued? Prove to your employer/coworkers/customers that you are going to have a great attitude and perform 10x above and beyond every day, no matter what. Just because.

My advice to people older than me: With all due respect, never underestimate the power of a person with less than 2 years of college and a big heart.

My advice to myself: Chill. You don’t have to be perfect.


So I hope some of that made sense. I’ll be writing another post here shortly about my newest fitness plan – so stay tuned! And please comment below! I really love hearing from my readers ๐Ÿ™‚




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