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1 Month of Ballet Beautiful – New Program, New Website

You may have noticed that I’ve completely redone my website – with a new title, new fonts, new layout, and I’ve shifted the focus from marketing my services to offering free insight on my lifestyle blog. I’ve decided to step away from health coaching as my primary career objective for awhile since I’ll be starting a new full time position at the memory care facility where I work in March (I’ll be the Activities Instructor, yay!!) Anyways now that I’m focusing my skills more on my day job and teaching piano, my website is going to have a much more relaxed, self help feel. I hope you enjoy the new look and atmosphere!

As of yesterday I’ve been doing the Ballet Beautiful Custom workout program for 1 month. Overall I loved it. I can’t say I really have anything to add to my last review. In short, I love the leg workouts, avoid the arm workouts because they don’t suit my personal goals, and have a very love/hate relationship with the core workouts because they are so effective (and difficult!!). I’m happy to say I’ve made some very noticeable gains in flexibility and lower body definition/strength. I was able to do a 5 minute plank today for the first time in awhile without too much difficulty. In fact I almost considered extending it to 10 minutes but I figured I should quit while I was ahead 😉

Now that I’ve got the gist of most of Mary Helen’s workouts, I’ve written up a new workout program (below) for myself, incorporating my favorite exercises from Ballet Beautiful, as well as my personal favorite upper body strength exercises for building functional strength and muscle. Depending on the day I either do the entire workout for my whole body, or break it up into separate upper and lower body routines.



Let me break that down a little bit. For the leg series, I do 100 repetitions of each exercise on each leg. Which adds up to 500 reps on one leg and then repeating 500 reps on the other. After that I do a 5 minute plank (straight through, no rest), and then go into the upper body routine. I also incorporate gymnastic rings exercises when I can, but my door frame pullup bar has seen better days and keeps falling down so until I fix that I am doing handstand exercises as a substitute. (Handstands aren’t just for gymnasts by the way, they are a fantastic way to build shoulder, upper back, and core strength.)

I’m slowly building up my handstand pushup strength, going halfway down to the floor and lots of static holds for the time being to recondition my wrists and shoulders.

Of course pullups and dumbbell rows are my standby exercises for developing tricep, lat, and trap strength.

So there ya go, my brief update on my training program. Follow my blog for more updates and fun stuff coming soon!

Sequitur solem ❤




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