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Officially a Gym Rat

Breaking news: I joined a gym.

And I’m super excited! Some of you may know that I’ve been very apprehensive to join a gym in the past because I believe fixed machines and endless cardio do more harm than good in the long run. My workouts are always designed in a way that prioritizes functional fitness, that is, fitness that carries over into every day life and doesn’t just isolate muscle groups for show. I love suspension training and lifting free weights and plyometrics, and I’ve seen some great results in the past when I combined all three. However since I moved to my apartment last July, I have only been able to use my 35# dumbbells and pullup bar. And getting through workouts themselves has been complicated by asthma (which I never had before a few months ago).




I’ve been dying to get back into lifting this winter and finally decided to go tour an Anytime Fitness near me to see if they had a good powerlifting setup. And to my surprise, they have an entire area of the gym devoted to functional fitness, complete with dumbbells (heavy and light), kettlebells, slam balls, TRX, bench, squat rack, battle ropes, and open areas for calisthenics. Which means I can do all the workouts I’ve been modifying with all the right equipment! I can even throw in some CrossFit WODs when I want to.

Plus my insurance covers $20 per month of my membership so that definitely makes it worthwhile.

So my concrete goals for the next month or two are to:

a.) Test my 1RM for squat, bench, and deadlift

b.) Be able to do 10 strict pull-ups

c.) Find a heavy lifting/circuit training routine that I can maintain over the summer
I can’t wait to start seeing some strength gains!






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