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May Battle Plan

As I said in my last post, I recently joined Anytime Fitness. With a new membership they offer 3 free personal training sessions, which was great for me because I’ve never had anyone spot me or check my form. It was great to have someone who knows their stuff help me get back into lifting without breaking my back. So far I’m feeling great and have added 10 lbs to the weight I started with last week. As any avid lifter knows, when you haven’t lifted in a long while, you make huge gains for the first couple weeks and then slower gains from there. I’m working really hard to make sure I make good form a habit, which is why I’m keeping it simple by doing the workout below every other day for a month. My goal for May is to be able to squat 100 lbs, deadlift 180 lbs. (for reps), and be able to do 10 strict pull ups without a problem.

  • Squat (using 85 lbs. as of 4/27) – 3x 5 reps
  • Deadlift (145 lbs. as of 4/27) – 3x 5 reps
  • Pull-ups – 10 singles (with negatives on the way down)


Since the above workout won’t take more than half an hour, (probably not more than 20 minutes the more comfortable I get with it), I will also be doing a HIIT circuit afterwards when I have the time. The circuit will be some combination of upper body strength accessory work (pushups, dumbbell rows, shoulder presses) and full body cardio (like battle ropes).

Speaking of battle ropes, I want to take a minute to strongly suggest everyone makes good use of this piece of equipment. If your goal is to lose weight, nothing else compares to the way these get your heart rate up, burning fat and building lean muscle (which burns more fat), especially in your core and upper body. There are a ton of variations for using battle ropes so you will never get bored if you use them right. If your goal is to build muscle, like I said these engage your core and upper body like nothing else so you will build some seriously strong lean muscle.

That’s my only update for now. Hopefully I crush those goals by the end of May and am ready to do a split training plan 5-6 days a week in June. I’ll be posting updates here on my blog.


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