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May Goals… Crushed!

Hello June! Last time I posted I gave an overview of my goals for June as I was getting back into lifting after 8 months off (I had only been doing dumbbell and hiit work, no serious lifting).

My main goals were: 

  • 20 pushups
  • 10 pullups
  • Squat 100# for reps


I can happily say I’m beyond excited about how much I improved over the last 4 weeks. To be exact, I’m back up to 20 pushups, and I’m regularly squatting 120# for 5×5, and that weight is steadily increasing. I haven’t been as consistent working on the pullups because quite honestly I hate doing them but I’ve definitely made progress. I’ve been doing them after deadlifts so my lats are already fatigued but I’m confident I can do 5 strict pullups (hands facing each other). I’ll work more on those this month. I have however been doing lots of heavy dumbbell work for my upper body, including shoulder presses, barbell push presses (50#, I’ve only done them in 2 workouts so far so I’m sure that weight will increase relatively quickly for awhile). It feel so good to be getting strong again.

I will say that it is typical for a person to make huge gains in the first month of training after a long time of not working out, so I’m not expecting to gain another 40# pounds in my squat in June, but I’m excited to try some more difficult workouts now that I’ve built up a good foundation of strength. I’m in search of a good functional strength/lifting program (unless I write one myself which I will probably end up doing), so if you know of a good one drop a comment below!


Here’s to all of us getting back into bettering ourselves,



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