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My Top 5 “No Time” Workouts

Whether you are too tired, too busy, or just short on attention span, we all have days where a long workout just isn’t going to happen. That excuse is no reason not to work out at all though, as I will solidly prove in this post 😉 Here are my top 5 go to workouts… Continue reading My Top 5 “No Time” Workouts

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The Importance of Default Workouts

Life happens, which means sometimes things don’t go as planned. I’m learning to accept that – even embrace it – as a fact and something that keeps life interesting. I don’t know about you, but for me one of the first things to get messed up when my routine changes is my workout schedule. Starting a… Continue reading The Importance of Default Workouts

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5 Best Places to Find Free Workouts Online

Personal training and gym memberships can be great options for some people, but what about those of us who like to plan our own workouts or exercise in our home gyms? I know that for myself, planning my workout myself is a huge motivator in itself because I love to research new exercises and learn… Continue reading 5 Best Places to Find Free Workouts Online

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Interval Training – What it is and why you need to try it

Interval Training is one of those types of workouts that promises amazing results and actually lives up to the hype. We’ve all experienced too many scams in the fitness world, from workouts that promise to get rid of belly fat to diet pills that promise to make you skinny in a month (but don’t tell… Continue reading Interval Training – What it is and why you need to try it

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150 Followers – 1,000 Squat Challenge

Why I am making myself do this I have no idea… Actually I do, I can’t say no to a good challenge 😀 Also I figured what better way to celebrate reaching the 150 follower mark than to do something crazy, er, fun! I know 150 isn’t the biggest number of followers out there but… Continue reading 150 Followers – 1,000 Squat Challenge


  Hey you, welcome to my website! Hold on to your hat – here you will find a lot of non-traditional health and fitness stuff. If you like long, boring, traditional workouts or crash diets then this isn’t the place for you. If on the other hand you are a rebel (or like me, someone… Continue reading Home

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3 Major Signs You Need a Protein Shake

Over the course of this weekend, I’ll be publishing a series of 3 posts on protein supplementation. The first is about how you can know if you need a protein shake/supplement to begin with, the second will dive into all the different kinds of protein and how to know which one is right for you,… Continue reading 3 Major Signs You Need a Protein Shake

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Oenomel Fitness Program

Here we go! I’ve created a new workout program! I’m in the final stages of putting it together but I’m ready to start getting the word out 😀 I’m super excited about this program, mostly because I’m having amazing results with it (I’ll talk more about that in future posts) and I can’t wait to… Continue reading Oenomel Fitness Program

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Happy May! – Coming Soon to EF Coaching

I can’t believe we’re already almost halfway through 2017! I’m so glad summer is almost here, but if you looked out my window right now you would think winter was here to stay because there is snow on the ground (welcome to Minnesota). But it’s supposed to be in the 60s and 70s later this… Continue reading Happy May! – Coming Soon to EF Coaching