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Post Moving Fit Life (Part 3 – My In Depth Fitness Plan)

I’ll be honest – I haven’t been as consistent with working out over the last few weeks. I’ve still been exercising at least 3 times per week, which is enough to maintain basic fitness skills but not enough to keep me making progress past where I was already at. I haven’t lost a ton of strength or gained weight or anything, I can just feel that my core isn’t as stable as it should be, and I’ve lost some muscle mass. But this week I’ve finally written up a good workout plan so I can get back on track and start making good progress again. Here’s the basic outline:


Sunday: Rest day.

Monday: Barre/Pilates

Tuesday: Lifting/FitnessBlender/CrossFit

Wednesday: Rest day.

Thursday: Barre/Pilates

Friday: Lifting/FitnessBlender/CrossFit

Saturday: Optional challenge workout


For my barre/pilates days I’ll be doing a combination of Ballet Beautiful and Fitnessblender’s pilates/barre workouts. For lifting I’ll adapt FitnessBlender’s strength sets so I can do the workout just with my pullup bar and set of 35# dumbbells. If I’m short on time or feel like kicking my butt in an intense compact workout, I’ll modify a CrossFit WOD so I can do it with my equipment.


My goals: 

I have three main fitness goals for the near future.

  • Build strength and define muscles. I know this has always been one of my goals, and it still is. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as I’m still making progress (which I am, I went from using a pair of 20# dumbbells with difficulty to using a pair of 35#s). Like I said above, I’ve lost some muscle mass with all the walking I do at work, so I’d like to rebuild my body so I have a healthy amount of defined, functional muscle. I always say fitness is primarily about function, not aesthetics, but there’s nothing wrong with having aesthetics as a secondary goal. 


  • Foam roll and stretch every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. This is something I really need to commit to doing more frequently. As I write this my quads and calves are extremely tight and have lots of knots in them, and I’ve been feeling some twinges in my hips and lower back, which usually means I haven’t been doing core work enough or devoting enough time to stretching. So that’s something I really need to change or I’m going to develop more serious joint issues.


  • Advance core strength. I haven’t lost my core strength entirely, actually I still have a good baseline of abdominal and lower back stability, but it isn’t where it should be. I’ve been working out long enough that I can tell when the slightest change for the worse happens in my core, so I know I need to hit that extra hard over the next couple of weeks. It shouldn’t take long to get back to where I was and improve from there.


That about sums it up, not too complicated, right? Let me know if you have any questions about apartment fitness!

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Post Moving Fit Life (Part 2 – 7 Tips for Staying Fit in an Apartment)

This post was supposed to get written on Saturday but my internet got knocked out all day (plus I was working a double shift) so that didn’t happen. Anyways here it is! It’s taking a little longer than usual to write because Ryker (my new apartment buddy) thinks typing hands are great fun to pounce on but alas I will finish it shortly. Obviously, because you are now reading it.

(Note: I’m writing this as a slightly exhausted individual so if it doesn’t make any sense leave a comment and I’ll rewrite it. Otherwise, thanks for bearing with me 🙂 )




Working out in an apartment can seem like more hassle than it’s worth. After all, you probably have neighbors below you who won’t appreciate lots of pounding on their ceiling (your floor), you are working with a small space, and you don’t exactly want to take up a lot of room with exercise machines. There are two ways to take care of all those problems. One is to get a gym membership. If you don’t mind going somewhere else to work out, and if you can commit to a regular workout schedule at the gym, that’s great. If you’d rather work out in the comfort and privacy of your own place (like me), there are a ton of ways to get in a great workout with minimal, inexpensive equipment. Here are 7 ways to go about it.


  • Get a door-frame pull-up bar. There are a ton of exercises you can do with a pull-up bar besides pull-ups. You can do knee raises, L-sits, dead hangs, pull-up negatives, and much more. All of these exercises are far more effective for improving upper body and core strength and muscle “tone” than isolated exercises.


  • Invest in a pair of lightweight and a pair of heavyweight dumbbells. Ladies, if weights scare you, let me reassure you that they shouldn’t. There is no way you are going to end up looking like a hulkish bodybuilder because you lift heavy weights. It takes years of insane workouts paired with a ton of protein consumption and steroids to get that look. What you will find is that by lifting heavy dumbbells on a regular basis, you will build functional strength and beautiful muscle tone. You will also be building bone density and improving your overall health in countless ways. Seriously. Lifting is one of the best forms of exercise, especially for women. And dumbbells are an inexpensive, extremely versatile piece of equipment to lift heavy without having to take up a lot of room in your apartment.


  • Sign up for a free FitnessBlender account. Kelli and Daniel have put together hundreds of free workout videos for all fitness levels, that have time and time again been proven to get amazing results whether your goal is to tone up or lose weight (or both). The best part is that every workout is different (never get bored!) and require minimal equipment, if any. Many of their workouts are also low impact (little to no jumping) and apartment friendly. For me personally, doing their workouts was the first ‘real’ form of exercise that I did that actually improved my fitness measurably. I still do their workouts, just modify them to suit my fitness level. Trust me, if you commit to do their workouts 3-5 times per week for a month, you won’t want to go back.


  • Search Youtube for videos to follow along with. Channels like fitnessblender, BeFit, 12 Minute Athlete, Ballet Beautiful, blogiliates, and so on offer a wide variety of great workouts so you will never get bored, and can continuously challenge yourself. Just have some fun browsing and find something that suits you and your needs.


  • Find free workouts on and adapt them to suit the equipment you have. This website has a great database of strength and lifting routines for any fitness level. Some of them call for using exercise machines, but it’s actually very easy to adapt any workout to suit any combination of equipment. If you find a workout you’d like to try but aren’t sure how to modify to fit your needs, feel free to email me at and I’d be happy to help you out!


  • Use everyday stuff to vary your workouts. Don’t have any equipment yet? No problem. Use a chair for step ups, elevated hip bridges, dips, and incline push-ups. Use a wall for handstands, kick-ups, elevated planks (hands on wall), incline push-ups, and more. Use your imagination and don’t use lack of equipment as an excuse. There are tons of ways to challenge yourself (no matter your fitness level) without any equipment at all.


  • Utilize interval training in your workouts to get a more effective workout in less time. Interval training is a fantastic way to put together workouts easily, challenge yourself, burn fat, maintain or build strength, and boost your metabolism for hours after your workout. Check out this post to learn more. Pick a couple of your favorite (or least favorite for an extra challenge) exercises and do them for 20-40 minutes worth of intervals. You’d be surprised how effective a workout that simple can be.


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Post-Moving Fit Life (Part 1 – 6 Tips for First Time Movers)

Here’s the first post in a 3 part series on my post-moving life – what I’m doing to stay healthy and fit in an apartment with a crazy busy work schedule, what you can expect from me in the near future, and a bunch of other random stuff you might be interested in 🙂

First things first. . . Come see my apartment gym!

If you live in an apartment, you know how hard it can be to stay fit in a small space without the traditional big, expensive equipment or machines. I’m thankful I discovered a ton of ways to get in a great workout (for any fitness level) without a lot of equipment before I moved out on my own. Actually my workouts haven’t changed that much, and I’m still gaining strength and building fitness steadily, which is all a person can ask for, right? Here are a couple of pictures of my “apartment gym.” As you can see, it’s nothing fancy, but does it ever get the job done. (I’ll be posting some sample workouts that you can try, believe me – they will kick your butt if you do them right.)


My $9 used Hemmingweigh pull-up bar.



Triggerpoint foam roller and a pair of used, 35# dumbbells.



That’s it. I also have a jump rope I use sometimes, my gymnastics rings that I will attach to the pull-up bar when I want to do some ring dips, and bare walls I use for handstands on occasion but the foam roller, dumbbells, and pull-up bar are my 3 main tools I use for my workouts. Simple, isn’t it. In my book simple is better as long as you aren’t compromising quality, and I promise I’m not compromising my fitness by doing it this way. Like I said I’ll post some workouts soon so you can see what I mean.


Meet my apartment buddy, Ryker!

This is Ryker, my 12-week old kitten 🙂 He’s super cute and cuddly and a fantastic companion. (Be forewarned, being the single, apartment dwelling, cat-lady that I am, you will likely be seeing lots of Ryker in the future.) Since he’s black it’s a real challenge to catch him in the right light to get a decent picture of him, but I find having an “invisible cat” kinda fun.


6 tips for first time movers.

Moving has been a great learning experience for me. If you have moved many times please bear with my ignorance here but there are a few things I learned that I thought I’d share in case I have any other young, first time movers among my readers.


  • Budget for more than you think you’ll be spending. If you are a young person you might be tired of older folks telling you how expensive living on your own will be, and while you don’t have to be super paranoid about it if you have a steady job, they are right to an extent. I had my budget lined out pretty thoroughly before I moved but I ended up spending quite a bit more than I thought I was going to – and that was just on necessities. Make sure you have more than enough to spend on living supplies, especially if it’s your first time moving out on your own.


  • Don’t overthink. Moving out can be scary, but it’s only overwhelming if you let it. If you have a good job and are looking at apartments within a reasonable rent range, you have nothing to worry about. I mean sure, life happens and it will be difficult but don’t over stress about it. You’re gonna be fine, just take it one step at a time.


  • Make Lysol and Pine-Sol your best friends. Seriously, these 2 cleaning products work wonders. Unless you are moving into a really high-end place, your apartment will probably have some sort of odor. (Just as a quick note, if you are touring apartments and they smell like mold or heavy smoke or anything else borderline sickening, don’t move there. Do your lungs a favor and just don’t.) If it isn’t mildew or some other malevolent substance, it’s probably just the commercial cleaning stuff they used after the last tenant. Using Lysol and Pine-Sol both do a tremendous job of absorbing odors, cleaning up residues to make it smell and feel more like home, while killing any bacteria or viruses (for peace of mind). I recommend especially using Lysol on furniture and carpets, and Pine-Sol on all hard floors and countertops. That combination worked better than Febreeze for eliminating some residual odors that were bothering me.


  • Smile and wave, smile and wave. People judge a lot about you based on their first impression. Living in an apartment is far from a private lifestyle. You will see your neighbors a lot. Even if you don’t run into them in the parking lot often, you will come across them and see them out your windows frequently. Let’s be real, I’m pretty sure we all spy on the new people next door out our windows from time to time. What I’m getting at is that you shouldn’t be afraid to be friendly. A simple smile and “hello” will make living with close neighbors a lot more bearable. Who knows, maybe it will even pave the way for new friendships.


  • Be patient. Don’t expect to have everything set up the way you want it within the first couple of days, or even weeks. Creating a new home takes time (and it should!). Be patient and don’t waste your money on every little thing you see that you might like to have. Above all, have fun and don’t rush yourself – make the most of the experience.


  • Scour Pinterest for DIY furniture and decor ideas. For starters, look up recovering used furniture with canvas drop cloths (you can dye them with Rit) and keep your eyes open for bright colored throw pillows. This alone is a great way to add life and character to your apartment while helping you save big $ in the long run. Who says you have to spend a ton of money to have a decent looking apartment? I make less than $1,500 per month but my apartment is far from a dump. With a few more projects I’m hoping to do in the near future, it should end up as a pretty cozy home.
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I’m back!!!!! – What’s been happening with me and what’s coming for y’all in the near future

Hey everyone!! This is just a quick note to let all my loyal (and exceedingly patient) readers know that I’m FINALLY back to blogging and coaching again. I tell ya when you move into your first apartment you can’t count on anything going as planned… but that’s fine ’cause it’s part of the adventure, right? 😉 After a long, fun, exhausting, bank breaking move-in process I finally decided to order internet from CenturyLink last week. It was supposed to arrive on Monday but I was at work when they tried to deliver the modem soo I missed the delivery. Ended up sending it to a different pickup location and getting it set up this morning (it’s my much needed day off today, yay!!). So anyways here I am finally getting back into the swing of things. I have loads of emails, blog posts, and messages to catch up on (there were 950+ emails in my inbox when I logged in), and even more writing and content creating to do, so stay tuned on my blog, Facebook, and Instagram to get the latest before anyone else! 😀

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My Post Moving Workout Plan

*Note: I wrote this post and intended to publish it on Monday, but I don’t have internet in my apartment yet so that didn’t end up happening.*

As some of you know if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I moved to my first apartment this past weekend. I love my new place and am super excited to make it my home!! One thing I have been looking forward to the most is creating my own unique apartment workout plan. Nothing motivates me more than setting new goals and dreams for myself to accomplish.

Now I’m not a huge fan of exercise machines or making workouts complicated, and after years of trial and error I have found a combination of exercise equipment that is inexpensive, extremely versatile, and yields better results than any machine or complicated program. At least it has for me. Please note that I designed this program very specifically for me. Each person is unique and deserves their own unique plan (something I specialize in creating as a coach).

Here are my situation and needs:

I walk a LOT of miles at work most days. And I do mean a lot. I’m a homemaker at a community for the care of dementia patients and the elderly, and on days when I do a lot of housekeepings (cleaning apartments top to bottom), I have to push my cart back and forth through tunnels between multiple buildings all day. Which adds up to a lot of walking. Not to mention that all of the work I do is physical. Even if it isn’t really heavy manual labor, it does require a decent amount of endurance (especially for the walking). It’s funny because I had a doctor appointment the other day and found out I’ve actually lost a few pounds since starting my new job (I pretty much don’t weigh myself ever but according to the last weight I remembered I have lost weight lol). So anywho the point I am trying to make is that I’m not really in need of more cardio in my workouts. What I do need is to keep up my strength, especially in my core because all the stooping over and hands-and-knees work I do takes a toll on my back and hips.




With moving and starting a new job and everything I haven’t exactly kept up with my strength training like I need. I’m sure part of my weight loss was a loss of muscle weight, not just fat. Needless to say I’ve decided to focus pretty much all of my workouts on intense strength training (primarily lifting). I’ll be using dumbbells because I both can’t afford and have no place to store an Olympic weight set in my apartment. And actually, much to my surprise, I’ve found dumbbells are just as good if not better than Olympic lifts for improving core strength because I do a lot of asymmetrical exercises (one arm or leg at a time). This requires more balance, which calls on all the tiny stabilizing muscles in addition to the larger movers. Single arm dumbbell snatches have become one of my favorite exercises.

In summary my plan is to use my pull-up bar, gymnastic rings, 35 lb. Dumbbells, jump rope, and foam roller to build strength, protect my back and hips, and balance out all the odd exercise I get at work. Follow me on Instagram (especially in the near future while I am without internet), I post my workouts a few times a week usually. If you are interested in having a personalized workout program created just for you, please let me know!! I have a lot of experience in that and love doing that sort of thing for my clients 🙂

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4 Things I Can’t Wait to Do

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a more personal blog post, so I thought it was high time to let you in on some more of my interests, hopes, and dreams. Personally, I love setting short and long term goals because it helps me maintain a good perspective, gives purpose to every day, and it’s the best feeling ever when my hard work pays off. Here are some things I absolutely cannot wait to get back into after I move and settle into my new place (in a week!).




Reading for pleasure. I do a ton of research all the time, but I really want to get back into reading fiction. I love a good book – as long as it is intriguing enough to hold my interest. Mystery/Crime/Thriller (not horror) has to be my favorite genre (huge Sherlock Holmes fan here) but I love a good drama if it is well crafted, relatable, and entertaining. I haven’t had the time or energy to read much as of late so I can’t wait to chill at the library or sit myself down with some of the books on my Goodreads list.


Writing. I used to write all the time. Honestly when I was growing up I spent more time in fantasy worlds I created in my head than in reality (not something I recommend). I still love the freedom and challenge of creating my own story, and I plan to self publish my own book someday. I’ve got way too many ideas swimming around in my head that need put on paper. I can’t wait to write poetry, prose, and fiction.


Recording piano covers of popular songs. I’m currently saving up for the Yamaha P-115 keyboard (best digital alternative to an acoustic grand piano). I took 9+ years of intensive piano lessons growing up, and since then have made a genuine effort to improve my playing-by-ear skills. My teacher mostly focused on playing advanced written music, not so much playing by ear, so that is something I want to work on. One thing I love doing is taking popular songs and turning them into piano covers with my own unique feel. I love singing but I don’t think I have a very good voice so I absolutely love “singing” through my piano music. Not that I’m that great or anything I just love making music. I’ve got a long list on Spotify of songs that I think would sound amazing as acoustic piano covers. I’d like to record them as I perfect them, partly so I can hear my mistakes and improve myself, but also I think there is a shortage of quality instrumental covers and someday I’d like to share them for others to enjoy. Taking a song with lyrics, melody, rhythm, etc. and turning it into a meaningful cover on a single instrument is an art in itself, and one I can’t wait to learn.


Learning CrossFit or a martial art. I’m torn between joining a Crossfit gym that is just a few miles from my apartment, and learning a martial art like Tae Kwon Do or MMA. All the good MMA gyms are almost an hour from where I’ll be living so that would make it tough. There is a Tae Kwon Do class near me for adults, but I’m still trying to decide if I’d prefer that or something else. I would do CrossFit but honestly I’m not sure I want to get that into it as a sport. I love challenging and intense WODs but I don’t think I want to do only that all the time. Martial arts are more appealing to me for the art of them, so my first choice would be MMA if a good gym was closer to me. So we’ll see what happens but I want to learn a physical sport of some kind eventually.

So there ya go, those are some dreams that are currently fueling me, what are some of your goals for the near future? What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet (for whatever reason)? Share your thoughts in the comments!!


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My Top 5 “No Time” Workouts

Whether you are too tired, too busy, or just short on attention span, we all have days where a long workout just isn’t going to happen. That excuse is no reason not to work out at all though, as I will solidly prove in this post 😉

Here are my top 5 go to workouts for when I can’t get in a long workout, ranging from just 4 minutes to 20 minutes in length. I just did #3 this afternoon.




  • 1 Tabata Anything. [For those who aren’t familiar with Interval Training, check out this post before you go any further. If you don’t the following will sound just a tad crazy.]As you may know, 1 Tabata = 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 8 rounds (a total of 4 minutes). Who doesn’t have time for a 4 minute workout?? But don’t be fooled, those 4 minutes should be the toughest 4 minutes of your day if you do it right. Pick a good compound exercise, or several, start your timer, and get it done. Push hard enough to be out of breath with burning muscles by the end, but not so hard that you puke. Some good exercises to do for a Tabata workout include burpees, squat jumps, pushups, planks, and mountain climbers. Don’t limit yourself though – you can make just about any exercise work for a Tabata.


  • 100 for Time. This one is nice because it requires minimal mental energy, which makes it a great choice for the end of a stressful day. Pick an exercise you can do for high reps (like push-ups or squats), and perform 100 reps as fast as you can, timing yourself. Record your time and try to beat it next time. If you have a little more time, you can do multiple hundreds, or even up to 1,000.


  • 200, 100, 200.  This is one of my favorite “bookend” workouts because it includes an endurance and strength element without taking too much time. The idea is to do 200 reps of a cardio exercise, followed by 100 of a strength movement, and finishing with 200 more reps of that first cardio exercise. A great example is 200 double unders, followed by 100 dumbbell snatches, ending with 200 more double unders.



  • 3x10x3.  When I’m short on time or energy but want to maintain functional strength (listen up liftin’ ladies), I do 3 rounds of 3 different strength exercises for 8-10 reps each. For a total body workout I might do Squats, Curl & Press, and Lunges. For your lower body some good choices are weighted Step-ups, weighted Hip Bridges, or weighted Squat Jumps. You can really just add a lot of weight to any strength exercise and do it for 10 reps. The same goes for the upper body. 3 rounds is enough to challenge the muscles and maintain their strength.


  • 20 minute challenge.  Pick any exercise and make up your mind to do it for 20 minutes with little to no rest. My favorites for this are jump rope and, well, jump rope, but you can do it with just about any endurance exercise.


There ya go, hopefully I have eliminated your excuse of having no time to work out 😉 Now go get to it! Let me know in the comments what your favorite “no time” workout is 🙂

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(New!) EF Coaching Update

I know it’s been over a week since I’ve written a post. . . yikes!! This week I had to work Monday through Friday plus the weekend, so blogging has kinda taken a back seat. I’ve got just over 2 weeks until I move and get settled into a new routine. In the meantime I have a few short updates for anyone who is interested in how my coaching business is developing (and no, it isn’t dead). . .


I’m joining a new, well-known fitness platform.  I’ll share more as soon as I work out some of the details, but I had a fellow fitness professional contact me this week with an offer to join a network of coaches through a well-known fitness platform. I’m really excited about this because through this particular platform I will be able to offer more holistic help to my clients, build a client base faster, maintain a more steady income through coaching, and network with fellow coaches (way more fun than going it alone). So keep following my blog over the next few weeks as I will be doing an in depth post on this soon.


I’m almost ready to take my final certification exams.  In a previous post I talked about offering 3 clients a discounted coaching rate to fund the fee for my final certification exams in life coaching and personal training. I’m happy to say I’m almost at my goal, and will be able to take the exams very soon!! 😀


I’m teaching a group fitness class for the elderly.  At my day job I have the opportunity to teach a regular exercise class for seniors. I love it because it gives me experience working with a variety of fitness levels and personalities to keep them all engaged in the exercise. Hopefully that carries over in the future when I make workout videos.


Much awesomeness to come soon,

Elizabeth Fredrickson



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Interval Training – What it is and why you need to try it

Interval Training is one of those types of workouts that promises amazing results and actually lives up to the hype. We’ve all experienced too many scams in the fitness world, from workouts that promise to get rid of belly fat to diet pills that promise to make you skinny in a month (but don’t tell you that you’ll gain it all back, plus some). You don’t have to worry about falling for a scam with interval training, its benefits have been proven time and time again. And I’m not just writing from an academic perspective – interval training has had a HUGE impact on how I approach fitness. So without further ado, here’s the what, how, and why of interval training.

What is interval training? – Since it’s a relatively new type of workout, you may never have even heard of it. Let me be the first to enlighten you. In short, interval training is where you perform a given exercise at 70-80% of your max effort for a short period of time, rest briefly, then repeat for a given number of minutes or rounds. For instance, in Tabata workouts (a type of interval training), you perform a given exercise at near max effort for 20 seconds, rest for 10, and repeat for a total of 8 rounds (4 minutes). Sound a little crazy or weird? Keep reading, the benefits of this kind of training are incredible.

Why would you do such a thing? – The reasons are really endless, but here are a few of the most common reasons people switch to interval training.

  • To lose weight without losing muscle. Too often, traditional cardio workouts (e.g. running on a treadmill for an hour) cause you to progressively lose muscle, which leads to all kinds of problems. A healthy body is strong, and a fit body has defined muscles that perform when you put them to the test. (Don’t worry ladies, I’m not talking about manly or bodybuilder muscles, I mean strong but lean, feminine muscle). Muscles burn fat even while you are at rest so it’s crucial to build or maintain strength while you work towards fat loss. To sum it up, weight loss should be fat loss, not muscle loss, and interval training holds up to that standard.


  • As an alternative to long, boring cardio workouts. Let’s be honest here. What is one of the toughest parts of getting through a long run or cycling routine? Boredom. After a certain point your brain is kinda like, “Hey when are we gonna do something different… More cardio? Heck no! Stop or we will die!!!” Or at least mine sounds like that lol. Thankfully, interval training is a great way to completely get rid of the boredom factor because you have to constantly be on your toes and paying attention, which makes the time fly by. With interval training you can also get away with doing a shorter workout without sacrificing results. Because of the short bursts of work and rest of interval workouts, your metabolism gets a much stronger boost than with steady state cardio (long bouts of cardio at the same pace). That way your body will continue burning fat long after your actual workout is done. So in short, interval workouts keep your mind engaged, which prevents boredom, and are more effective than other types of cardio, which means you can do a shorter workout and still get amazing results. Pretty cool, huh?


  • The variety ensures you never plateau in your progress. One of the most common complaints about steady state cardio workouts is that people lose weight for awhile, then eventually plateau and stop making much progress at all. Or worse, they start gaining the weight back. This isn’t surprising because if you think about it, our bodies are designed to adapt. If you do the same thing over and over eventually the body stops feeling the need to improve because it gets used to your routine. To make continuous progress, you have to change things up once in awhile. With interval training that never becomes a problem because there is constant variety. Your body never gets the chance to adapt because one second you are asking it to work really hard, and the next it gets to rest. Not to mention the fact that if you change the actual exercises you do for intervals there is no way you can plateau (unless you have an underlying condition).


  • To develop a toned, lean, and capable physique. Ultimately, the goal of every person devoted to their fitness is to create a body that looks good and performs well under pressure. Interval training is a great way to achieve both. Ladies, it is especially great for you because you don’t have to worry about developing bulky muscles. You will instead develop lean, strong muscles that give you confidence that your body is strong and capable. If weight loss is one of your goals, interval training allows you to simultaneously build lean muscles and burn the fat that is covering them so they are visible (this is what it really means to “tone up” by the way – to burn fat off muscles so they are more visible).


  • Runners, listen up. I was able to take 2 minutes off my mile through interval and strength training alone. I promise this works to build crazy endurance as well as, if not better than, traditional running.


So really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying interval training. If you are a beginner, I recommend you star with a 1:2 ratio, where you rest twice as long as you work (example: jump rope for 1 minute and rest for 2, or do sit-ups for 30 seconds and rest for a minute). As you get stronger and fitter you will be able to get down to a 2:1 ratio where you work twice as long as you rest.

If you work out at home, I really recommend doing FitnessBlender’s videos. They  have options for every fitness level and their workouts are structured perfectly to get you whatever results you are looking for. They are the first workout program I did that actually worked and got me hooked on working out. Almost all their workouts are structured as interval training.



If you are in pretty good shape, I recommend trying a couple Tabata workouts to get you started.




The video below is an example of a CrossFit athlete doing a Tabata workout, just to give you an idea of how it is structured. You can use any exercises you want for intervals, and don’t worry, you won’t necessarily end up looking like the girl in the video. She also does a ton of weightlifting and stuff to build more muscle mass. The video is just a good example of a Tabata workout 🙂



I hope this post has piqued your interest into interval training, and that you will give it a try. It is really one of the best types of training out there to get a wide variety of results. If you are interested in an interval training workout program that is personally customized for your needs/goals, please Contact Me. That is one of the things I specialize in as a health coach and I would love to help you get started 🙂 If you are interested you will want to get in touch with me asap as my rate is likely to be going up in the near future.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please comment below or email me at!

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What’s so great about being a stick figure, anyways?

Rant time.

Disclaimer: If you are a big fan of modeling (Victoria’s Secret, anyone?), I suggest you go find another blog to read. I’m going to state my honest opinion here and I won’t apologize for it but if it offends you, I’d ask you to either go rethink your position or read something else. 

Fact: It ain’t skinny that’s pretty.

That’s right, I said it. I will even repeat it because I really believe it’s true – it ain’t skinny that’s pretty. Now hold on and let me explain myself. Being skinny means having minimal fat or largeness to your body. That concept is based entirely on how you look and completely disregards what you can do. It limits your worth to how you look. It’s a flat-out lie. I mean really, what has society come to when we idolize celebrities, actresses, and models who literally starve themselves to fit the so-called “perfect body” mold? How is that healthy or even beautiful? Sure, if you paint someone with enough makeup and cover them in cool clothes that might be appealing, but it isn’t real beauty. Worse, the women who live that lifestyle sacrifice their identity and worth for something that doesn’t last and is built on deceit.

Being bigger than a size 0 isn’t unhealthy. Women naturally carry a little extra weight (often in the hips, but everyone is different) and that is OK – good for you, even. I’m not talking obesity here – just a few extra pounds. In fact, you’ll find that some of the fittest, most beautiful, inspiring female athletes are by no means stick figures. They have a healthy amount of lean muscle and are at a healthy percentage of body fat. It’s called curves, ladies. They work hard, their performance is amazing, they look fabulous, and they are far from supermodel skinny. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below.



See, I really don’t understand what’s so great and appealing about looking like a pencil. There is nothing fun or beautiful about starving yourself, doing endless cardio and ending up looking malnourished and not able to function under physical pressure.

I believe fitness is first and foremost about what your body can do. But honestly, if you want to develop a strong, healthy physique, the best way to get there is to lift, strength train, interval train, and eat a ton of good food. That’s right. Work out hard and eat a lot. What could be better, right?

I’m definitely not saying it’s easy – it takes a lot of hard work to get there. But the next year is going to pass anyway, so why not spend it working on bettering yourself?

If you’ve believed the beautiful=skinny lie up until now, and aren’t sure if you want to change your mind or not, don’t be afraid to try something new. I guarantee most women have been exactly where you are now, and if they say they haven’t, chances are they are lying. You aren’t alone and shifting your mindset isn’t super complicated unless you make it that way. If you want to change your workout routine to focus more on exercises that shape and develop your body, not just burn fat (although that is bound to happen too), feel free to Contact Me. I would love to help you get started!