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January 2018 Fitness Plan

I haven’t done an update on my own fitness for awhile – I’ve made some improvements and changes so I’ll share those now.

As many of you know, my home gym consists of a pair of 35# dumbbells, a door frame pull-up bar, and gymnastics rings. In my opinion that is the best combination. I’ve been working out consistently 4-5 times per week. Sometimes I alternate upper and lower body workouts when I’m exercising 3+ days in a row, otherwise I just alternate doing total body workouts every other day, and stretching and foam rolling on my rest days (working on consistency).




My upper body workouts are usually a combination of some of the following sets:

5 sets of 8 ring dips

5x 30 seconds ring support hold

5x 8 pull-ups

5x 10-15 push-ups

DB snatch

DB push press

DB rows

(for the dumbbell exercises I typically do 3-5 sets of 8 reps but when I haven’t lifted in awhile those numbers go down to avoid injury)


My favorite go-to leg exercises are:

100 hip bridges

100 donkey kicks

100 squat jumps

100 walking lunges


It’s pretty simple, but it’s working for me with my schedule for now. I’ve really been itching to get into running lately so I might be trying that soon, but I need to get some reflective gear so I can do it safely on some main roads where I live.

Til next time,


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Dream big… or not

Hey you! Happy new year 2 weeks too late!! Hope you’re having a great start to 2018. And you’re welcome, the only time I’ll mention New Year’s you-know-whats is in this sentence.



Moving on. Here’s a life update on me.

Last time I wrote, I was looking into becoming a Medical Exercise Specialist. And I was super excited to try Aerial classes.

Yeah… That didn’t happen. Not yet anyways. I decided not to pursue a degree in exercise science for two simple reasons. One, I can’t afford it and I don’t want to be in debt forever. And second, I don’t want to put myself under the stress of being a full time student and full time at my day job for 4 years. That would be too much. There. I admitted it. Adulthood is about dealing with what you’re given, right? We don’t all have to sell our souls for 10 years to earn 50 years of a noble profession and glorious retirement.

[On a positive note, I had an opportunity come up this week for a better position at work (better pay, more directly health/fitness). So if I’m approved for that I’ll be an ACE certified Personal Trainer and you’ll get to hear all about that 😉 ]

So I’ve been thinking. About dreams and life and such. And I realized something. Is it just me or is there a ton of pressure these days for young people to get a degree and chase some big career? I’m not gonna lie – I’ve always been in love with that idea – the thought that I can study hard and do something big with my life. And I completely respect those who have and are doing that. (Seriously, you nurses and doctors who actually care about what you do and do it well are celestial.) But really, not all of us can do that. Sometimes we 20-somethings can’t afford to go to medical school. Sometimes cars break down and medical bills happen and life just gets rough and we can’t “chase the dream” like we’re supposed to.

But why does that have to be such a sad story? I’m finding that when you choose to smile and do your best, you will find fulfillment, earn respect, form amazing relationships, and open up opportunities for yourself that you never dreamed of. I think that applies to every job no matter how ugly it is. I mean I get it. I spend my days scrubbing toilets and showing the same people where the bathroom is hundreds of times. I’ve dealt with drama and coworkers and customers and crappy weather and having to work when you’re sick and need I go on? Of course there are miserable days. Of course people suck a lot of the time. Of course I screw up a lot. But what the heck I wouldn’t trade the dementia residents I work with for the world. I really mean that. All the money in the world couldn’t buy the lessons I’ve learned and joy I get from them.




My advice to people my age: Quit complaining about stuff all the time. No matter where you are and what you do, put your heart into it and find joy somehow. Think of it as a challenge. Feel undervalued? Prove to your employer/coworkers/customers that you are going to have a great attitude and perform 10x above and beyond every day, no matter what. Just because.

My advice to people older than me: With all due respect, never underestimate the power of a person with less than 2 years of college and a big heart.

My advice to myself: Chill. You don’t have to be perfect.


So I hope some of that made sense. I’ll be writing another post here shortly about my newest fitness plan – so stay tuned! And please comment below! I really love hearing from my readers 🙂



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Old Year Reflections – New Year’s Goals (Medical Exercise Specialist)

I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of 2017. I will be 21 in a few weeks! Crazy! So much has happened and changed with me in the last year it doesn’t even feel real sometimes. But I think I can safely say I’ve grown and a lot of positive changes have happened so I’d say the year has been a success.




From things I accomplished:

  • Gained lots of cool followers of my blog
  • Applied for and was hired for a steady day job that has grown me in ways I can’t even list here
  • Made new friends and met lots of new people
  • Started teaching some new awesome piano students
  • Moved out of my parents’ place into my own apartment
  • Successfully paid rent on time for going on 6 months
  • Made several DIY decor projects that turned out pretty good
  • Bought a new used car


To things I’ve learned, especially in my work and business:

  • Don’t obsess over tiny errors in my blog posts
  • Every client is unique and deserves 100% individual attention
  • It’s a lot harder to start your own business than Google tells you
  • Short cuts never accomplish anything
  • Even the most unromantic jobs can be done with excellence and fun
  • Unconditional love is the most beautiful thing in the world
  • Sometimes you have to work hard at a menial job until you can have the career you really want
  • People with mental challenges (like dementia) have more to offer than we give them credit for
  • It’s okay to fail and change your plans
  • Online coaching isn’t for me (*gasp* I know, I know, I’ll talk more about this in a bit)
  • and more that I’m probably not remembering right now




Now that 2018 is right around the corner, I figure it’s a good time to announce some more changes coming my way (and your way indirectly). I’m really excited to see what happens with some of these.


  1. I’ve officially decided to pursue an ACE certification (probably medical exercise specialist) so that I can advance my fitness career by the summer/fall of 2018. I considered getting my CNA certificate and just stay with the organization I’m working for now but I just can’t see myself being happy doing that long term. Ideally I picture myself doing post-rehab work with the elderly or anyone with a disease or injury that requires a specialized program. As I said above, I realized recently that doing my health coaching online is just too impersonal. I need to work with people face to face.
  2. I’m starting Aerial Silk classes as soon as I can afford it.
  3. I’d really love to write a novel this year.
  4. I hope to schedule myself well enough that I have the time and energy to spend my free evenings horseback riding.
  5. Get a job at a gym or medical facility with higher pay.


It’s weird to think how different things could be next year but I’ll take it a week at a time and see what happens 🙂 Do you work in the fitness industry? Have any tips for me? I’d love to hear any of your thoughts below!




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The Truth about How to Build the Perfect Body

I believe fitness is first about getting healthy and feeling capable in your own body, and second about how you look. When you train only to look a certain way (skinny or ripped), you will either end up disappointing yourself constantly or sacrificing health for appearance. But when you train for function, your looks automatically change in a way that you can be proud of what you can do and how you look. That being said, I’d like to talk about some of the best exercises to get you that lean, “toned” look. There are a lot of misconceptions about how to do this, (my personal favorite is that to get great looking arms you need to do bicep curls).




Arms. As I said in the intro, it seems like most people (including myself once upon a time) think that to get defined looking arms you have to build your biceps. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, your biceps are one of the smaller muscles in your arms and if you isolate them too much, you will get a very unbalanced looking Popeye arm. By doing the exercises I’ve listed below, you will primarily target your triceps and shoulders, while indirectly work your biceps. I promise, this is exactly the combination you need to get great looking arms.


Ring dips — If you invest in a door frame pullup bar and set of gymnastics rings (like these), you will have the perfect at home setup to get a crazy fit upper body. Trust me, rings and pullup bars will get you better results much more quickly than gym machines. One of the best exercises you can do on rings is tricep dips. Rings are unstable, so they call on all of your muscles to not only to lower and raise yourself but also to hold the rings steady. This will significantly enhance your shoulders and triceps, along with all the smaller stabilizing muscles. If you can’t do dips with your feet off the ground (this is extremely difficult by the way so don’t feel bad if you can’t), you can put your feet up on something like a chair or countertop, or even the ground, until you can build up the strength to do an unanchored ring dip.

Ventral/front raises. Get out some heavy dumbbells and raise them straight in front of you to shoulder height. Lower and repeat for at least 5 sets of less than 10 reps. You can also do this on a suspension trainer or gymnastics rings as in the video below:


Ring supports. If you’ve never tried to support yourself on rings trust me when I say it is a LOT harder than it looks. It takes a lot of strength and muscle control to hold the rings close to your body, while supporting all of your body weight. Check out the video below:



Pullups. Tricep pushups. Dumbbell shoulder press. These three are also great options to build shoulder and tricep muscles, while indirectly strengthening your chest and biceps.

To further illustrate my point that triceps and shoulders are what make the perfect arm, study the arms of the woman below. Wouldn’t you agree that the triceps and shoulders (which are noticeably larger) are what gives this arm true definition?



Legs. Getting defined legs is all about building your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. These are the BEST exercises to get that done in a short time.

Hip bridges. I’ve tried so many different leg and butt exercises over the last 4 years that I couldn’t even begin to count them all, but this is the single best exercise I’ve found for strengthening (and building) glute and lower back muscles. I seriously recommend getting really good at doing 100 reps in various foot positions (feet and knees together, apart, one leg at a time, etc.). You’ll notice great results within 2 weeks if you add these in a well structured workout program.

Leg lifts. There’s a reason ballerinas have amazing toned legs. They lift them all the time. Follow this principle and make a point to do lots of leg lifts from all angles to target every part of the thigh and hip abductor muscles). These will also strengthen your lower ab, oblique, and back muscles which will protect your back.

Donkey kicks. This is another great to get that lifted butt and strengthen your lower back. They are pretty straightforward, again try to work up to 100 reps per leg without rest. Once you do you will notice a definite difference in your strength and appearance.

Lunges. If you are prone to knee problems, I recommend skipping this exercise altogether and doing leg lifts and hip bridges instead. If you don’t have a lot of knee joint pain, they can be another excellent exercise to get lean quads, which are the most defining muscle in your legs. Do them with and without added weight, and with your feet in various positions for the best effect.

Plyo squats and lunges. They may be simple but don’t underestimate the power of adding a jump to any leg exercise. Plyometric exercises burn far more calories (burning off the fat that hides beautiful muscles), while also building strength and lean muscle. Squat jacks are another great example of this kind of exercise.




Core. Contrary to popular belief, the core is not just made of six pack abs. To get a truly fit and defined core, you need to work your upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back. Do the exercises below on a regular basis to target all three sections of your core. (Note: These exercises will build strength and lean muscle, not burn fat. If you have fat to lose that is keeping your muscles hidden, try some plyometric leg exercises and interval training for the most effective way to burn fat quickly.)

Plank, hip bridges, and side planks are what I call the “perfect trio” for achieving a lean, strong, chiseled core. No amount of sit-ups and crunches can top how effective these three exercises are. Another bonus is that they won’t kill your back like sit-ups and crunches tend to do. Always remember that a fit core is about much more than getting a six pack. It’s about building all three muscle groups in your core – this includes your six pack, obliques, and lower back.




Back. No fit physique is complete without a strong, toned back. These are absolutely the best exercises to get just that.

Pullups. You may not want to hear it, but pullups are definitely the king of all upper back building exercises. No other exercises has made a difference for me personally than good ol’ pullups. If you can’t do a pullup yet, don’t be intimidated. There are lots of great ways to build up your strength so you can. And believe me, nothing feels better than busting out a set of 10 pullups, especially as a girl when you used to not even be able to hang from the pullup bar for very long.

W and Y flys on rings or a suspension trainer. These are great for targeting all the smaller and larger muscles in every part of your back. If you have dumbbells rear delt flys are a good alternative.

Lift. Any lifts at all with dumbbells or a barbell will strengthen and define your back. Even seemingly upper body exercises like cleans or overhead presses call on a strong back to stabilize you. Just another of the many benefits of lifting.


There ya go! I spent hours and hours working on this post so I hope it was helpful for you 🙂 Let me know which exercise you’re most excited to try! Comment below with any questions or thoughts.

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Aerial Conditioning – Tonight’s Workout + December Training Plan

Happy December everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving season and have lots of fun planned for Christmas and the New Year.

Awhile ago I announced that when the New Year comes I’ll (hopefully) be starting aerial silk classes. There’s a barre studio near me that just got silks and announced they will start classes January 1st, so I’m super excited and hope I can afford to make that happen. I’ve been dying to join some kind of fit-sport since I moved into my apartment, and aerial silks is one thing I’ve wanted to try but never thought would happen. It isn’t exactly a very common sport, so I’m thrilled that it will be available just down the road from me.

Now that December is here, I’ve written a new fitness plan to target some particular weaknesses, and build strengths to condition myself for aerial. Of course nothing is like being on the silks themselves but there are certain exercises that will help me prepare. Even if the aerial classes don’t work out, I’m loving this combination of calisthenics and suspension training so I might just keep doing that for awhile.




What I’m working on . . .

Grip strength – If you’re at all familiar with aerial silks you know that every movement requires gripping the silks for an extended time. Since I’ve essentially been doing lifting and pilates workouts for the last couple of months, my grip strength is in dire need of some extra work. Thankfully I have the two of the best tools for that – a pullup bar and gymnastic rings.

Flexibility – Most of the “coolest” aerial moves require a lot of flexibility, and while you don’t have to be able to do the splits to start aerial, it certainly makes things easier. I’ve maintained my flexibility pretty good over the last few months, but I’m starting to do longer and more focused stretching sessions. Besides getting my splits, I really need to work on improving my shoulder and back mobility to make all the activities I do easier and prevent injury.

Hanging and suspension work – Every kind of exercise has it’s own set of challenges and targets your muscles differently. Calisthenics help you move your body through space. Lifting helps you move heavy objects through space. Suspension work calls every tiny and major muscle in your body to stabilize you on an unstable surface (e.g. gymnastic rings). Suspension work is a LOT harder than it looks. If you don’t believe me, go have a person who only lifts or does bodybuilding stabilize themselves on gymnastic rings. They’ll be shaking like an earthquake, guaranteed. It just calls on a totally different set of muscles. That’s why rings are considered the king of all upper body workout equipment, even above dumbbells and barbells. (Hint, hint: if you’re trying to get that toned or ripped upper body look, rings are the way to go.)

Core drills – I’ll also be doing a lot more focused core exercises which will be very important so I don’t flop around like a ragdoll on silks.


Here’s a sample workout from this program. If you’re interested in having a printable copy of the full 30 day program sent to your email, comment below or send me an email at It’s just $10 for the full program, which by the way will get great results for anyone who sticks with it.


Simple total body routine:

Dead hang – 5x 1 minute

Front leg lifts (hanging) – 100 per leg

Basic ring support – 5x 30 seconds

Hanging L-sit (knees bent) – 5x 30 seconds

Ring dips – 5x 8



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Asthma, Dementia, and Fat Amy

Hey world. Obviously my resolve to post once a week for the last month failed miserably. Not gonna make excuses life has just been a little crazy and blogging took a back seat. Anywho I’m here now writing a lengthy update on my life, hopefully you find some inspiration and bits of useful information 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to start up a conversation in the comments.


Asthma. Never thought I’d be writing about that, but here we are. About a week ago I had a rather unpleasant asthma attack. It started when I cleaned my bathroom one evening, and started coughing and wheezing. My breathing got worse through the night and I woke up with a very sore, constricted chest, and could only take tiny breaths. I couldn’t even take a shower without being completely out of breath. (Note to you more responsible adults, since I’ve never really had asthma symptoms I didn’t know what was happening so yes it lasted longer than it should have.)


Anyway in the morning my mom brought me to the clinic and the doctor quickly diagnosed and resolved the issue with 15 minutes on a nebulizer, and gave me a prescription my own trusty red inhaler. My lungs were sore for days afterwards which meant going 4 days without exercise (definitely felt weak after that). On the upside, my doc said I shouldn’t clean my bathroom anymore, since that’s what triggered the attack the night before. If only 😉 And on another positive note, using my inhaler before exercise has been very helpful to keep me breathing well through my workouts. (If you’ll recall I have had some mild asthma symptoms after some intense workouts since earlier this summer. Now I know for sure asthma was the culprit).

If you’re new to my blog, working out is my life and I go crazy without it so if asthma gets in the way I’m pretty miserable. So thank God for doctors and inhalers and normal breathing.


Dementia. Work has also been pretty crazy, as usual. I’ve been working a LOT of double shifts for a few months now, with odd hours that only leave a little free time for teaching piano lessons and relaxing. Today that finally changed so that I can get off work at a decent hour every day and have my evenings free. It was so good to walk out of work during daylight hours today. Best feeling ever.

If you don’t remember, I work at a dementia care facility doing everything but direct cares with the residents. So in a typical day, I do activities, cleaning, organizing, housekeeping, help serve meals, and just do my best to serve as an extra set of eyes and ears to help when residents are having difficult behaviors. As tiring as it is, spending all those extra hours with dementia patients has been teaching me a lot. I’ve been learning to see through people’s ugly sides because most of the time they are just hurting or afraid and it comes out as “behaviors” (also known as angry outbursts, verbal or physical abuse, and profound sadness). Granted some people are just jerks but most of the time there is a hurting heart behind it that is deserving of genuine love and kindness.




My patience has also been tested big time. If you lose it when you work with a person with dementia, everything goes downhill fast and you lose the battle immediately. Something as simple as a listening ear, a smile, or even apologizing for something you didn’t do can make the difference between a huge fight and peace.

I’ve also been learning that no matter now functional an elderly person’s mind is, they still have lots of wisdom to share and are totally deserving of love and respect. Residents in an earlier stage of dementia who can still talk and share their life stories have countless life lessons to share and tons of love to give to their kids and grandkids. Even those who can no longer from a complete sentence are amazing and can teach you a lot. Some of the sweetest, kindest, most awesome people I know have never said a complete sentence to me. It’s a privilege to work with each and every resident, no matter how angry or sad or sweet or sane they are. Just goes to show that every living person is valuable and so, so lovable.


Fat Amy. I got your attention with that one, didn’t I? No, I’m not talking about the girl from Pitch Perfect. “Fat Amy” is in fact a brutal CrossFit workout (or WOD as they are more affectionately known) that can be done anywhere with no equipment or just a 35# dumbbell if you are doing it Rx’d. My sister showed me this workout on Pinterest and I had to try it. The first time I got it done in a little over 20 minutes, and my muscles and lungs held up better than I thought they would. That’s not to say it wasn’t tough – 2 days later I’m still sore. It just went well and next time I hope to finish in less than 15 minutes now that I know how to pace myself better.










Announcing. . .

Which brings me to my latest EF Coaching announcement. I’m considering creating a CrossFit-at-home workout program, where I convert some of the most popular CrossFit WODs into workouts that can be done anywhere with virtually the same great results. I’ve been doing this for myself for years and it’s been great. Not everyone can afford a Box membership or buy the CrossFit equipment needed to set up a full gym. So this program would be an alternative for those who still want a crazy intense functional workout program they can do in private with minimal equipment.

Now before you avid CrossFitters get on me because such a program would not be true CrossFit, I know that. I know the beauty of Crossfit is that is uses a variety of gymnast and weightlifting equipment (but no machines mind you). I know you can’t really replace rope climbs or ring muscle ups at home. Which is why I wouldn’t market this program as a type of true CrossFit. My point is that every CrossFit WOD can be modified for anyone to do anywhere. A simple example is that if a workout calls for box jumps, jump squats can serve as a great substitute to still get a great leg plyo workout. I wonder how many people there are out there like me – on a budget, but craving an intense, short, functional, CrossFit-style fitness program. What if I could create that? Would more people get up and work out if something like that was available? Let me know your thoughts below. This is still just an idea at this point so I welcome feedback 🙂

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Entrepreneur, Aerialist, Loving Life

Hello world!

Life’s been pretty crazy for the last month (thus the lack of posts here on my website), but the good news is I’m back in the game! I will be trying to write at least 1-2 posts per week, sometimes more depending on what is going on in my life. If my website is pretty quiet, please follow me on Facebook. I post much more frequently there.

My day job has had me working a lot of double shifts which leaves me with barely enough time to take care of myself at the end of the day – which leaves minimal time for anything else. My position and hours are changing here shortly (hopefully in the next week) so that I will have my evenings free and more regular days off. (Yay!!)

My minimal spare time has been spent developing my business as a Beachbody Coach. It’s building, slowly but surely. For awhile I was trying to devote a couple hours a day to my training, marketing, etc. but it was burning me out fast because of the craziness at my other job, plus teaching piano lessons, etc. So I’ve decided to take it more slowly and be patient with myself as I work to build a steady income online through coaching. So far that involves running challenges (which I have taken part in myself, and can personally attest that they are extremely effective and fun). As of 11/01/17 I’ve got a FREE 5 Day Fat Furnace challenge coming up on the 6th, so be sure to check out this link to get in on it! I only have 3 more spots available.

I also have finally decided on a new hobby – awhile ago I was talking about trying a martial art, barre, or CrossFit. I just found out today that a barre studio near me is opening up aerial silks classes starting with the New Year! I’m so excited about this because I’ve wanted to try aerial silks since I first learned what they were and now I get the opportunity to do just that, at a studio just a couple miles from me. So cool how opportunities open up sometimes. Stay tuned on Facebook and here for updates about that! For the next couple months (until classes start) I’ll be working on my core strength and flexibility more intently.

What’s new with you all? I want to hear all about your journey… what are some new things you’re trying? What are some dreams you have made happen this year?

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21 Day Lean for Halloween Challenge

What’s up everyone?? Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted here, I’ve been crazy busy with my day job, new coaching training (I’m officially a health coach with BeachBody!!), and teaching piano lessons. If you want to stay up to date on my goings-on and all kinds of new health/fitness stuff, be sure to follow me on Facebook! I’ve got a lot of exciting new stuff to share with you all, the first of which is the first challenge I’ll be running as a coach!

What you’ll get if you join my 21 Day Lean for Halloween Challenge. . .

You may have seen my post a few days ago about the first Challenge I’m running as a BeachBody coach (yay!!). It starts on October 16th and I’m looking for 5 ladies who are ready to commit to their health for 21 days.

If you are looking to drastically improve your health and get in shape for next summer, NOW is the perfect time to start. As the saying goes, summer bodies are built in the winter. But let’s be real for a sec. There are dozens of health programs out there that promise you an easy fix to get the body of your dreams. The problem is that NONE of them yield lasting results. They actually end up doing permanent damage to your body. Time and time again, science proves that the only way to build a healthy lifestyle is through clean eating and hard work. Pure and simple. Which is exactly what my October Challenge has to offer. Let me break it down for you.




When you sign up for the 21 Day Lean for Halloween Challenge (pm me for details), you get:

  • A clear list of tasks to do every day so you know exactly what to do and when
  • 30 minute effective, do-anywhere workouts to jumpstart your fitness
  • A supply of Shakeology in several delicious flavors (pm me for more info on this, it’s an amazing health drink/meal replacement/protein shake)
  • Meal plans and portion control containers to take all the guesswork out of healthy eating
  • Endless support from me (your coach) and others who are in this challenge together
  • And more!

So I guess my question is why not try it when this could be one of the best decisions you ever make? I promise, I’ve looked into a lot of health and fitness programs and this is one of the only ones that actually gives you QUALITY for your money. Actually I think it gives you a lot more quality than the price you pay for it. If you have any questions or are at all interested, feel free to pm me or email me at

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My Blender Broke… And other sad tales from my kitchen

I received my shipment of Shakeology this morning, and have been excited all day to try it. Protein shakes and healthy smoothies are some of the best pick-me-ups my body has ever known. But alas when I got home and put my mix of berries, banana, milk, and Shakeology in my elderly KitchenAid, a part shattered and of course the blender quit working. So now I’m left with a half blended smoothie and I’m waiting for it to thaw so I can mash the fruit with a fork. I’ll just be blending my daily Shakeology with milk in my trusty Blender Bottle for the next few days until I can figure whether I can get a high power blender anytime soon.




Sad Kitchen Tale #2: (okay so these tales aren’t actually sad, they are mostly entertaining and laughable)

I’m still trying to figure out how much food I eat and write up an actual healthy eating plan instead of just making whatever healthy meal I happen to have the ingredients for that day. Shakeology will account for most of my breakfasts for the near future, and I’ve collected a bunch of good wholesome recipes I can’t wait to try. Now I’m just waiting for my paycheck on Thursday so I can make them happen! Stay tuned for many hilarious failings as I am a TERRIBLE cook. I guess absent-mindedness and following recipes don’t mix well.

Sad Kitchen Tale #3:

Ryker is now big enough to start jumping on my kitchen counters (and floor lamps, pictured below), so it’s time for him to learn which furniture he is allowed on, and which furniture should be considered lava (am I the only one who played “the floor is lava” as a kid?). I must say it’s hard to reinforce these concepts when I’m at work all day. So for now his “training” mostly consists of me coming home, Ryker climbing on the counter, me subsequently jumping off the couch spewing forth multiple verbal threats, him staring at me like I’m a crazy person, and then him jumping off the counters at the last moment before my threats become a physical force to be reckoned with. (Note: I am a very nice person to my pets. I may be exaggerating a little for entertainment purposes).




Stay tuned for many more in a series of sad tales from my kitchen 😉

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The Fatal 40/Giant Set Challenge

The “Fatal 40” was my workout for this morning, I’ll post the original Crossfit version along with my version that works with my minimal apartment equipment.


fatal forty


So yeah, the above is the crazy but awesome CrossFit version. I gotta admit that as much as I love using minimal equipment in the privacy of my own apartment, I would love to try this one with a barbell at a real box. But since I don’t have that luxury, I made it work with the modifications below. It was really a great endurance workout, perfect to jumpstart my metabolism before work. Now I can just focus on some intense strength training tonight.


My version: 

40 jump squats

40 single arm dumbbell snatches (35#)

40 pull-ups

40 dumbbell deadlifts (70# total)

40 push-ups

40 dumbbell swings (1 pood, 35#)

40 hanging tuck-ups

40 air squats


If I had more time, I would have finished by doing 40 more single arm dumbbell snatches, 40 double unders, 40 sit-ups and 40 burpees. But I slept in this morning so I ended up not having time to do those and be ready for work on time.


Below is the Giant Set Challenge workout I will do tonight, focusing on slow reps with heavy weight, not the number of reps I can get in during the allotted time. This workout should torch my upper body like crazy, can’t wait to kill it!




How are you challenging yourself this week, physically, mentally, or spiritually? What is your go-to endurance workout? How about strength – what is your favorite muscle torching workout?