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80/20 Eating Plan

Some of you may have heard of the 80/20 "diet" plan. The basic idea is to eat healthy, wholesome foods 80% of the time, and allow yourself treats for the other 20%. Now I'm not a big fan of dieting - when it means obsessing over calories and completely cutting certain foods out of your… Continue reading 80/20 Eating Plan

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Healthy Eating Simplified

You would think eating right would be simple. After all, it's one of the most basic human behaviors - so why should it be complicated? Unfortunately, healthy eating has become a bit of a mystery with all the different diet theories popping up everywhere. So today I'm going to give you a really basic look at food -… Continue reading Healthy Eating Simplified

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4 Ways to Eat Healthy (When You are a Terrible Cook)

I have a dilemma. I love to eat, but I'm a terrible cook. I'm the sort of person that accidentally substitutes salt for sugar, or leaves out 3 ingredients without noticing. So needless to say, I've been forced to find ways to eat healthy that are simple and taste good. Today I will share some… Continue reading 4 Ways to Eat Healthy (When You are a Terrible Cook)

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Dairy Free Milk Options

For several years, I was allergic to dairy (an all too common allergy these days), so I had to find ways to make eating a little less miserable (and let me tell you, some dairy free food options taste absolutely terrible). One of the biggest struggle of being dairy free is finding milk substitutes that actually taste… Continue reading Dairy Free Milk Options

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7 Ways to Make Eating Healthy Easy, Not a Chore

We all know that eating healthy is good for us. But even more than that we know it's a lot easier said than done. Why is it so hard? For one thing, we have so much junk food available to us now that walking past the candy or snack food aisles in the grocery store without… Continue reading 7 Ways to Make Eating Healthy Easy, Not a Chore