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Ballet Beautiful Custom Workout – In Depth Review

I spent last night and this morning shopping around for a new workout program to follow. I slacked off this week and I'm itching to find a new structured plan. As I mentioned in my last post, I've mainly been working on strength with gymnastics rings and dumbbells, and I've seen some great gains in… Continue reading Ballet Beautiful Custom Workout – In Depth Review

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A Word About Deadlift Stance

Deadlifts are my favorite lower body exercise. They work every muscle in your body from your glutes to your lats, and are one of the best ways to test and improve your overall functional strength. They are a very simple exercise and one that you will see a lot of improvement in very quickly.  … Continue reading A Word About Deadlift Stance

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Pull-ups Demystified

Pull-ups. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, they are one of the most effective upper body exercises for developing functional strength and defined muscles. No other exercise works your upper body muscles in the same way as this exercise does. Which is why it deserves its own special post. We're going to break down… Continue reading Pull-ups Demystified

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4 Ways Exercise Improves Your Mind

We all know exercise is good for the body. But did you know it is just as beneficial for the mind? Below are 5 ways exercise can help improve your brain function.     Memory - When you are a newbie to exercise and start your first exercise program, you probably won't be familiar with… Continue reading 4 Ways Exercise Improves Your Mind