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Aerial Conditioning – Tonight’s Workout + December Training Plan

Happy December everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving season and have lots of fun planned for Christmas and the New Year. Awhile ago I announced that when the New Year comes I'll (hopefully) be starting aerial silk classes. There's a barre studio near me that just got silks and announced they will start… Continue reading Aerial Conditioning – Tonight’s Workout + December Training Plan

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Asthma, Dementia, and Fat Amy

Hey world. Obviously my resolve to post once a week for the last month failed miserably. Not gonna make excuses life has just been a little crazy and blogging took a back seat. Anywho I'm here now writing a lengthy update on my life, hopefully you find some inspiration and bits of useful information :)… Continue reading Asthma, Dementia, and Fat Amy

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Entrepreneur, Aerialist, Loving Life

Hello world! Life's been pretty crazy for the last month (thus the lack of posts here on my website), but the good news is I'm back in the game! I will be trying to write at least 1-2 posts per week, sometimes more depending on what is going on in my life. If my website… Continue reading Entrepreneur, Aerialist, Loving Life

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21 Day Lean for Halloween Challenge

What's up everyone?? Sorry it's been so long since I've posted here, I've been crazy busy with my day job, new coaching training (I'm officially a health coach with BeachBody!!), and teaching piano lessons. If you want to stay up to date on my goings-on and all kinds of new health/fitness stuff, be sure to… Continue reading 21 Day Lean for Halloween Challenge

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The Fatal 40/Giant Set Challenge

The "Fatal 40" was my workout for this morning, I'll post the original Crossfit version along with my version that works with my minimal apartment equipment.     So yeah, the above is the crazy but awesome CrossFit version. I gotta admit that as much as I love using minimal equipment in the privacy of… Continue reading The Fatal 40/Giant Set Challenge

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My Slightly Brutal September Workout Plan – Fall Fitness Motivation

For the last couple of months I've just been doing whatever random workouts I find online or write for myself that look like a fun challenge. Now that it's September I'm going to simplify things a little and alternate between the same 2 workouts for the whole month, only taking one or two rest days… Continue reading My Slightly Brutal September Workout Plan – Fall Fitness Motivation

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The Ultimate Guide to Rockin’ Your Wedding Dress

'Tis the season of Fall weddings! Whether you are getting married yourself (congrats!!), or taking part in a ceremony for someone close to you, chances are you will end up as part of a wedding at some point sooner than later. I always say that the first reason to get fit is for function -… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Rockin’ Your Wedding Dress

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Equestrian Fitness

As some of you know, I'm a horse person. Not a competitive horse person, mind you. I just love my horse and leisurely horse riding down country roads. Last night I took Arowyn (my Quarter horse, weird name I know) out for a long ride to give both of us some exercise and fresh air.… Continue reading Equestrian Fitness

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Shoulder Torcher

It's been awhile since I've shared one of my own workouts. I promise that doesn't mean I haven't been working out, I'm just not exclusively writing about fitness anymore. I've expanded my "genre," if you will, to include anything that has to do with my desire to live life simply. Since fitness is such a… Continue reading Shoulder Torcher

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Post Moving Fit Life (Part 3 – My In Depth Fitness Plan)

I'll be honest - I haven't been as consistent with working out over the last few weeks. I've still been exercising at least 3 times per week, which is enough to maintain basic fitness skills but not enough to keep me making progress past where I was already at. I haven't lost a ton of… Continue reading Post Moving Fit Life (Part 3 – My In Depth Fitness Plan)