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May Goals… Crushed!

Hello June! Last time I posted I gave an overview of my goals for June as I was getting back into lifting after 8 months off (I had only been doing dumbbell and hiit work, no serious lifting). My main goals were:  20 pushups 10 pullups Squat 100# for reps   I can happily say… Continue reading May Goals… Crushed!

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Barre for Weightlifters (ladies, listen up!)

Injuries and ailments are almost always caused by two things: bad form, and endless repetition. Our bodies are designed to adapt, so when your workouts incorporate plenty of variety, you will make continuous progress. But if you do the same thing over and over, you will plateau. It's as simple as that. That is why… Continue reading Barre for Weightlifters (ladies, listen up!)

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4 Exercises for Building a Killer Upper Body (especially for women)

I'm gonna say it. Women with strong upper body muscles are gorgeous and just altogether awesome. Now before you think I'm a nut - I'm not talking Arnold Schwarzenegger-type muscles, just strong, lean feminine muscles. Like I've talked about in other posts, for a woman to look like a bodybuilder she would have to go… Continue reading 4 Exercises for Building a Killer Upper Body (especially for women)